Atypical Korean drama female role, "Pear Tai Hospital Class" Zhao Yirui expanded the female appearance, no longer gentle tolerance, no longer allow themselves to live into the social ideal of the appearance, know when attacked, anti-bite the world!

"You may think I'm crazy, don't you?" 」

Leather jackets, curly hair, the 20-year-old girl said to the counselor. While playing hair tail, disdained laugh - this is the opening of the "Pear Thai House Class", starting with the consultation of the heroine Zhao Yirui. The counselor kept asking her: Why do you think so? Have you been through anything?

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"Nothing, I just hope that the world can be completely destroyed. 」

Zhao Yirui seems to joke and serious response, Buddha said the voice of the millennial generation - life can be expected, the world what love? So, perhaps destruction, can make the world a little cute.

20-year-old Zhao Yirui, an appearance on the audience was caught off guard, this atypical Korean drama heroine, high IQ, a bit of a bad temper, someone scolded a sentence, she is absolutely not quiet, Zhao Yirui's philosophy of life is probably all kinds of hatred should be doubled. High school saw classmates in bullying, she recorded the film dropped to the network, directly forced the other side to drop out of school, the other side ran to revenge, she also did not endure, cracked a few slaps back.

So, we know, this heroine, a little different.

There's no reason someone hit me, I'm going to hold my breath.

"Have you been bullied?" What's the matter with you? 」
"How can it be none of my business?" She bullied innocent students, robbed them of money, and casually took my things to use. I wanted to say that, but my cheek, it was a little sore. 」

When a heroine, there is no need to be gentle and frugal, Zhao Yirui this role, fully explained everything. Because of exposing the school bullying students, by the rich and powerful bully parents fand the slap, she touched their face, turned to smile and asked the side of the friend recorded down?

In the past, the female characters in the play, like stepping on the poles of the spectrum, are not the "women" or "strong women" in people's mouths, the hands of the fast and harsh, or good-natured warmth, always positive and optimistic. In "Pear Thai Court Class" Zhao Yirui, we see a female character is expanded, she is not sunny, not sweet, full of a sense of world-weariness, do treachery, is necessary to survive. Kindness is occasional, but to be used in the right place.

She stepped on the fuzzy zone of the spectrum, insisting that she wanted to make women look more like, more possibilities.

Pictures available from Netflix

Pictures available from Netflix

If I want to, I can get it.

Zhao Yirui, not afraid to admit that they want love, but also want to succeed.

When she was found by her mother not to go to college, but to work in a tavern for a loved one, she looked at her mother who was going to kick herself out and said, "Mom, I'm not like you." I am smart and excellent, I can pursue love and success at the same time. 」

Without a head-on, without succumbing, she believed she could get what she wanted, and she was confident. We see a girl, ambitious about the future, but also dare to look forward to, if smart enough, why can't I say that i love and success? We can say that she is the birth of a child, that she is young and ignorant, but this courage will lead a person to a farther place.

"For me, what I want must be. 」

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She's not perfect, she doesn't know how to love.

Of course, Zhao Yirui is not perfect, she knows how to boldly pursue what they want, but do not know how to love, to understand. Like in the play, she for the benefit of the decision to drive out her friend Zhang Genxiu, to save the soon-to-be-bought tavern; she does not understand the pain of others, when mixed-race friend Tony Kim by the nightclub to protect the racist, she just yelled " no way, who called the nightclub to such a rule?" It broke the heart of his companion.

And as the plot develops, we also see her slowly changing herself, learning to be the same, lover.

Pictures available from Netflix

Pictures available from Netflix

Zhao Yirui this role, depicting three-dimensional, there is her cute, there is also her abominable, we can from this play, imagine more women-like appearance - no longer gentle and tolerant, no longer allow themselves to live into the ideal appearance of society, know how to be attacked, anti-bite the world, let them know that women are really not covered.