Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of sexually harassing and sexually assaulting multiple actresses, said: "I'm not a good person. Weinstein has been convicted of "third-degree rape" and "first-degree sexual offences." #MeToo Is the sports meeting over? What other inequalities in Hollywood have not been exposed?

The first shot to start the wave of the #MeToo movement, "Harvey. Weinstein's sexual harassment case was announced yesterday (February 24) in the wake of allegations that He was the latest in a son-in-law, Hollywood filmmaker Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein, who was convicted of two counts of sexual assault: third-degree rape and first-degree sexual offences, could serve between five and 29 years in prison. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" Weinstein is my demon! Shama Hayek: He said I'm only sexy.

Harvey. Weinstein's guilt seems to have given #MeToo a new step forward and move d'itinto. But compared to Harvey. Weinstein has been charged with first-degree rape, predatory sexual assault and other felonies. Actress Ashley, who first came forward two years ago to accuse her, said: "I'm not going to be there. Ashley Judd also tweeted that "more than 90 victims came forward to accuse each other of the crime, but in the end there were only two counts of conviction."

According to the New York Times, dawn Dunning, a former actress who was a witness in the case, said, "The process of testifying was very exhausting, and I had to see him and describe what happened to me." My biggest fear was seeing him innocent, so the result reassured me a little for the time being, but while it was a victory, it was not a complete success. 」

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Harvey. Who have Weinstein been accused of having been accused by celebrities?

In the past, we've been in the little pepperto Rea Cerdou! The women's lament: Weinstein and Hollywood raped us with power, the article mentioned, there are many women who do not fear the power, stand up for the hurt they have suffered. It includes:

Gwyneth Paltrow: I was 22 years old at the time, and Thought I couldn't be a heroine!

Paltrow believes that the era of silence has passed, and that she supports and hopes that more Hollywood actresses and more women who have been harassed by Harvey Weinstein can come forward, "It's time for women to speak up and clearly declare to everyone that the irrational ways in which women have been treated in the past should be over." 」

Leah Sedu: There are too many men in power like Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood

What makes Sedu most sick is that everyone knows about Weinstein's behavior, but no one comes forward to say anything, and let scare swashes up in Hollywood for decades, even allowing him to keep his vast film empire, and, of course, how much power he has.

Tony Ann Roberts: Harvey Weinstein asked me to be naked in front of him

Robert recalled how he had fled while apologizing, even saying sorry to Weinstein, who was too conservative to complete the nude audition.

Beyond that, too many women are Harvey. Weinstein set out to the object. And the larger the number of people involved in this case, the more exhilarating it is to see the verdict come out. However, we will not forget that calls and actions to end sexual harassment will not stop there, we will continue to talk until the industrial structure is loosened and the day changes occur.

After #MeToo, did Hollywood really start industrial reform?

After the verdict was handed out, the New York Times published a review by Harvey Weinstein, But Hollywood Is Still a Man's World,about how the pace of reform remains to be seen even as the #MeToo movement has led Hollywood to reflect and act.

For example, the academy's most prestigious Oscar, no female director has been nominated for best director for a decade. By the 91st year, no more than 25% of the female finalists were women, according to READr. It reflects that the Western film industry is still some distance from gender equality.

Ava DuVernay, an African-American female director, also said, "I heard a lot of things they never said before, like that diversity is important, and it's important to have female representatives, and they're starting to believe that the work can be centered on different people and perspectives." But in fact, what they say is not exactly what they do. 」

From all kinds of data and back-office crews, it's clear that Hollywood is changing, but it's changing slowly.

Times up activities, intimacy instructors and other related actions or organizations for gender equality, equality of labor rights appear, but only the beginning, in Harvey. After Weinstein was sentenced, Hollywood's industrial reforms were on their way.