Pete Buttigieg, a 38-year-old U.S. presidential candidate, shined in the Iowa primary, beating his political predecessor, Bernie Sanders, to a lead of 26.8 percent. His comradeship also attracted attention, and when he was asked by the little boy, "I want to be as brave as you," he gently responded, "I actually think you've been brave!" 」

On November 3, 2020, with about 250 days left, the 59th U.S. presidential election is on the horizon. Compared with the Republican Party is almost certain to be challenged for re-election by current President Donald Trump, the Democratic Party is now running the party's primary, with a shortlist of current U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden and Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bay, Indiana.

Pete Buttigieg, 38, did well in the Iowa primary, beating his political predecessor, Bernie Sanders, to lead with 26.8 percent of the vote. What led Pete Buttigieg to elect mayor at the age of 29 and directly challenge the presidential election after eight years in office? Will he have a chance to replicate Obama's success in the Iowa primary and become a political dark horse?

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America's first gay president? Poll straight up after you get out of the box!

Pete Buttigieg, 38, is focused not only on his gay status than on his age. In 2015, he was then mayor of South Bay, writing an essay about The South Bend mayor: Why Coming matters, which went public.

It took me years to realize that "gay" status, like I have brown hair, is only part of me. It is not easy to tell this personal experience in the newspaper. But choosing to be open at this moment can send a message to those who are still confused about sexual orientation - there's always a place for you. It also sends another message to another group of more conservative people - you'll be upset with your comrades because you don't know them.

When a familiar person (referring to Pete Buttigieg himself) appears, it reminds us that everyone is the same, and no one is different.

After his public appearance, he was re-elected as mayor with 80% of the vote in the same year's mayoral election. He also stressed that "comradeship has nothing to do with the performance of my current mayor, which has not made me more relaxed or difficult, and I will continue to serve the public in any case." 」

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In 2018, he announced his marriage to his teacher's partner, Chasten Glezman. Pete Buttigieg also delivered a thank-you message to his partner at the wedding. (Recommended reading: Pick for you, South Park on gay marriage: If two boys want to take care of an egg together)

When I was busy in the office until late at night, Chasten was always around me and had everything around me. He is also a great teacher. Because of the support of friends, family, and colleagues around us, we are able to balance our lives and work, and these supports help us prepare for the most important day of our lives.

Pete Buttigieg with Chasten Glezman. Photo: Pete Buttigieg Facebook

In January 2019, following Pete Buttigieg's announcement that he would run for president, the media focused on Pete Buttigieg's policy and gay identity under the title "Is America Ready to Elect a Gay President?" Until the election results, however, no one can confirm whether the United States is ready to elect a gay president, and the only certainty is that Pete Buttigieg, who is in the race, is ready to bring more politics and a more inclusive attitude to life for Americans.

Dear child, you've been braver too much than I am.

After the campaign began, Pete Buttigieg's conversation with a nine-year-old boy re-emerged his diversity, his empathy, and his tolerance.

"Can you help me tell the world that I'm gay, too?" I want to be as brave as you. At the end of a political speech, a little boy asked Pete Buttigieg a question.

Pete Buttigieg responded: "I think you don't need too much advice from me when it comes to being brave, you're actually strong." It took me a long time to muster the courage to tell my best friend that I was gay, not to mention the world. But you, you are willing to confess sex in front of thousands of people you've never met, and that's brave enough. (Recommended reading:Beautiful Man, Gay Documentary Director Chen Junzhi: Love and Hate, Still Believe in the Possibilities of Happiness)

"But I can still give you some advice." First of all, it's not easy (pointing out the cabinet), but it doesn't matter, because you know exactly who you are. It's really important. When you know who you are, you have a core spirit that can still stabilize yourself in a very chaotic environment. And the second thing is to know that you never know who is leading who, or who might be targeting you in the effort, and they may become braver because of your bravery. 」

Photo: Pete Buttigieg Facebook

Courage, unlike a bag or a pair of shoes, can walk around with it forever. Courage is reduced by inconfidence and increased by inspiration. In the political battlefield of killing you to die and I live, it is warm to see an adult who can stop and talk to his children gently.

According to a Gallup poll conducted in early February, nearly 100 percent of the public believe that women, Latinos, or African-Americans are eligible to run for president. But only 78% of the public believe that gay sons are eligible to run for president.

Combining Pete Buttigieg's statements and findings, we would like to go back to the previous discussion - is the United States ready to elect a gay president?

The answer is not known.

However, whatever president is elected, what we can be sure of is that the political arena needs the voices of different groups, and the emergence of Pete Buttigieg is proving.