Apart from extroversion and introversion, have you ever heard of the third personality, Ambivert (neutral personality)?

Do you often feel out of place in the introverted and extroverted personality analysis?

When we judge that a person is extroverted or introverted, we talk about the way that person acquires energy. The extrovert, who interacts with the external environment (human/natural), is their method of absorbing energy;

But there is a group of people who do not exclude, even like to have dinner with friends, participate in tasks that require group cooperation, and gain energy from it, but also feel comfortable in their own place, and such a group of people, known as ambivert (neutral personality), are third personality outside of introverted and extroverted.

Photo by Budagchin Erka on Unsplash

If you also have four characteristics, perhaps you are the so-called neutral personality:

Like to be with friends, but only "know" friends

In interpersonal relationships, the difference between neutral personality and extrovert lies in the degree of acceptance of new faces and new friends. Extroverts like to expand their circle, and even at a party where they don't even know anyone else can easily open up a conversation with others. Neutral personality is also willing to interact with friends, colleagues, students, because familiarity makes them feel at ease. But if they are at a dinner, they must have a friend they know as a introducer to be able to interact with new friends who are new to strangers.

You're willing to talk, you're willing to listen.

When the dialogue, if the neutral personality is encountered their very interested, enthusiastic research topic, it is very possible to make a lot of personal opinions. But on unfamiliar topics, they can also be quiet listeners.

I'm happy when I'm communicating, but it won't be long before I want to go home and be alone.

Neutral personality can be happy at a party or party, but this energy state doesn't last long, and perhaps one or two children, you will have a strong "want to go home and be alone" idea.

When people ask you if you're introverted or extroverted, you're not sure.

"Introverted as the case" is one of the characteristics of neutral personality. It's hard for them to answer that they are introverted and extroverted, because it all depends on what kind of situation he is in. For example, at a nightclub or bar, Ambivert can feel uncomfortable, keep quiet, and even want to leave quickly, but in company meetings or classrooms, Ambivert can easily talk and express ideas.

For a neutral personality, ambiguity is the biggest advantage, and neutral personality needs to do, is to identify what kind of occasion son can help you improve energy, what occasions will seriously consume your strength, which can help you in the workplace or interpersonal relationship, to find the most comfortable way to survive.

Character is not good or bad right or wrong, no matter what character, understand who you are, and how can live with this society and the environment, everyone can find their own strengths!