How much of a complaint does a man's leg-spinner, or Manspreading, actually cause others to do? What patriarchal thought sits behind it? Let the students of the Berlin University of the Arts tell you!

The rigid patriarchal thought not only despises women's rights, but also restricts the development of men's multi-temperament, and the social expectations and pressures on different standards for men and women will affect us for how long? Recently in the music and fashion circles, there are creators throw out the patriarchal culture of satire and questions. Singer Taylor Swift's new song The Man, for example, sees her dissatisfaction with patriarchy and gender inequality, from lyrics to MV. Another example is that students in the department of costume design at the University of the Arts in Berlin design edging prints that can be printed between the jeans, and when people open their legs in their pants, they can see signs of taunts and protests.

The Man: If I were a man, would it all be easier?

I'm so sick of running as fast as i can
Wondering if i'd get there quicker i i was a man
And I'm so sick of them coming at me at me s ssing
'Cause if i was a man, then i'd be the man
I'd be the man
I'd be the man
- The Man-Taylor Swift

"I'm really tired of running as hard as I can, and if I were a man, would it be easier?" "In keeping with the lyrics, The Man-MV amplifies every moment of gender inequality in everyday life. For example, when men take care of children, it is natural to get the title of "good father"; when a man opens his foot in a tram to take over other people's space, no one objects; and when a male player is angry with the referee, it is seen as a symbol of blood.

Among them, "manspreading" has attracted discussion from different angles in the past, with some arguing that male leg-opening is a "physiological structure" need, because of factors such as the need for heat dissipation, so that men have to open their legs to sit. Women fans have been in the past in the "gender truth" transgender women confession, male legs may not be related to physiological structure of the discussion:

Any excessive gender difference sedited on the grounds of "physiological structure" is an unrealistic phenomenon of fiction or exaggeration, and if all people who do not distinguish between sex can be more tolerant of others, examine themselves, and pay attention to respect for the surrounding environment, a lot of oppression and harm in society will not occur.

So it's not just the Taylors MV that mentions manspreading, but students at the Berlin University of the Arts on the other side of the globe are inspired to design special jeans prints.

Riot Pant Project: When I open my legs, I need you to see my attitude

Students Mina Bonakdar and Elena Buscaino of the University of the Arts in Berlin launched the Riot Pant Project project, which countered and called for costume design for "man-leg-opening" behaviour. They designed three slogans, which you can buy directly from a pair of pants, or send them to Riot Pant Project, where they can print slogans under the pants, including "Toxic Meny," "Stop Spreading," and "Give Us/Them Space."

"We know that if we don't do this now, others will do the same for us," Mina Bonakdar and Elena Buscaino said in an interview with foreign media outlet DAZED. They also noted that the program's main purpose was not for profit, but rather a challenge to inspire many people to speak together.

Toxic Masculinity's toxic masculinity

Stop Spreading StopS B.S.

Give Us/Them Space also giveus us/their space

"Male leg-opening" is nothing new, but when a group of students respond to the issue in a design-and-come,, we have to face up to what effect does male leg-opening have on society? Why do we object to men opening legs?

Opposing male leg-opening is not just because the rights and interests of women or other ethnic groups are damaged, but because the act of "male leg-opening" itself is not in line with the premise of respect for others. If we continue to condone and allow men to open their legs without discussion at this time, it will in some ways strengthen patriarchy and foster a culture of "disrespect for the rights and interests of others".