Interviewed Wei Haimin, talking about the loneliness and trauma of childhood, she believes that it is one of her homework as an artist of Beijing Opera.

Above: Interview with Beijing Opera artist Wei Haimin: If one thing becomes a point of course, it lacks power

"I'm an actor, I'm in my 60s, I'm in my 60s, I'm still on stage, and there's a lot of goals I want to achieve, and that means my mission in life has to be accomplished through drama." 」

Since she began to come into contact with spirituality, she has increasingly believed that drama was the goal of her soul practice in the world.

She said that everyone's soul comes to the world with their own lessons, in the road encountered in all kinds of setbacks and difficulties, is to achieve your life goals: "Why my parents when I was a child, why my life is so lonely, why I want to enter the drama school, may be less joy, more pain, It's all about being," she said earnestly. 」

The loneliness and trauma of childhood, Wei Haimin became an actor in one of the lessons, now she can talk, but I am curious about how she deal with it? She went on to tell her story with her mother.

Wei Haimin's mother left home when she was two years old, and her father didn't often grow up by her children, she smiled and shook her head and said she didn't know much: "But that kind of loneliness and fear may have been planted at a very young age." 」

When her father died at the age of 15, Wei Haimin was able to meet her mother briefly, but she never got together again because she had other families. It wasn't until her mother was 80 that she came back to live with her. Living together, at first did not have a good time, she felt that her mother owed herself, the mother probably also felt that the daughter to take care of themselves should, so the day is full of all kinds of conflictand.

But Wei Haimin believes that this experience of living together is a life issue, she must let herself face and grow. So before her mother died, Wei Haimin tried to understand her, found her artistic talent, feelings of beauty, and her kindness, began to understand why her mother chose to leave: "Mother is to bring you to the world is a very important relative, but does not mean that she must make any sacrifice for you." 」

In their mother's last days, they wanted to get along well.

And she thought she was really relieved.

Actually, I didn't hate my mother, but I wanted to hear her say I'm sorry.

When her mother died, Wei Haimin said she didn't shed much tears, but one day, she didn't come from the ground to start crying.

"It was raining heavily outside that day and I was driving. Suddenly there was a feeling, " Wei Haimin said calmly, "I seem to be my mother, and I say to myself, "I'm really sorry, I'm sorry, I left you when you were so young." And then I seemed to be the girl who was two or three years old, thinking of the fear of my mother's absence, how to cry and no one to take care of. 」

That day, she cried for dozens of minutes, feeling that her mother's soul was truly reconciled with herself - perhaps her mother was sad, maybe she didn't want to leave herself.

"In fact, I did not hate my mother, in fact, just tell me: "Little Min, when you were young, mother sorry for you." Then it's all right, I'll never be fine. 」

She began to feel that when a person can go to the peace of life every lesson, a lot of heart knots, can be slowly resolved. So even if he never heard his mother apologize, Wei Haimin still believed it made sense: "She didn't say sorry, so I had room to grow." As she lived with her mother, put down her obsession, learn to understand, and forgive.

Millennium stage, why did Wei Haimin become Wei Haimin?

From Yang Yuhuan, Mu Guiying to Cao Qiqiao, from Mrs. Gong, Mitia to Orando, she played a living woman, but also live herself. She sees that women can not only say a few numbers on paper, history is flat, she lets women's stories are three-dimensional, have their own sorrow, but also grow desire. On stage, she wants to hold up a woman's life.

The art performance became her root, allowing her to walk through the loneliness and trauma of life and to embrace change in the collision.

Now, I seem to be beginning to imagine what a great actor looks like.

Edit postscript

In the interview, the teacher shared a lot of her own ideas about approaching spirituality, I was fascinated by it, but she laughed and said that many people would question authenticity: "But these things are not true, I don't think it really matters." The important thing is that you can't accept your life like this, accept your destiny, is less happy. What kind of person you want to be, there is bound to be something you can't have. 」

The more she experienced, the more she said she could learn to surrender her life.

"To surrender to life is a twist, surrender to life will bring you setbacks." "Life is not negative, but positive to recognize the environment and forgive others," she said. 」

I think, occasionally in life becomes difficult in the mouth, choose to bow, choose to understand, can also be a gentle embrace of life.