Relationship diary, write "Pear Tai Hospital Class" In Zhao Yirui and Park Shilu, met you, only to know the feelings, even know is a defeat, I will be righteously rushed to you.

Zhao Yirui likes a person, that person has a long-cherished first love.

Park Shilu has a big revenge plan, 15 years so long, he wants to open a tavern, he wants to let the long-cherished first love Wu Xiuyu, do not have to be caught between the career and their own revenge plan struggle.

Zhao Yirui and Park Shilu in "Pear Thai Academy Class" are two people who can't live to live the look of social expectations. In a generation where people always hide their hearts, they bump into each other. A smiling other side is nothing but an empty, reckless fool;

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When she first became dismissive, and later, in addition to him, she found that the world no longer have any thing interesting, so she did not know when, she began to look at Park Shilu, imagine the future of life on him.

Perhaps that was chased to hit the night, just met him, Park Shilu saw her face was hit puffy, but mouth refused to ask for help.

"If you don't talk, I can't do anything." 」
"Well, please help me." 」

In "Pear Thai Class", the most moving thing is not that I like you, but "I need you." I like you, like a throw out but not eager to recover the ball; Just as she was kicked out of the house by her mother the night, pretending to leave, but feeling like an abandoned puppy, when she asked Park Shilu, why not like an adult to teach themselves, Park Shilu honestly said: Because I need you.

"Why don't you stop me, ah, you're going to say you're responsible anyway, right?" 」
"Yeah, no. Because I need you. 」

The need in a relationship is an admission. The two honestly spread out their vulnerability, let each other see, because I am not good, so I need you.

Meet Park Shilu, she began to learn to like a person, to get used to the feelings of no win or loss.

Originally when you like a person, some things can endure, so in order not to let him again sad, she decided to push Park Shilu, let him go after his first love; Remove all obstacles to hurt him and help him reach the distance.

Perhaps, after meeting you, i know that I can start to be kind to the world, and sometimes, no longer long for the explosion of the universe, the destruction of the earth.

Zhao Yirui, who is not afraid of the heavens, finally understood that "being needed" is one of the most sincere emotions in the world. Someone needs you, as if the whole life of the uplift, back to the ground. If you can say to me, "I need you", then even if I know that this dark love will not be a good result, I think I will eventually be righteous, for you to rush to the front.