Children's author and children's rights advocate, Yu Jiahui, died of cancer in October 2019. In her lifetime, she wrote Taiwan's first book of sexual assault by acquaintances, as well as a 228 historical record of talking to children about human rights. 'I want to write these stories because a lot of people, a lot of kids, can't speak for themselves,' she said.

"We are Mr. and Sister of Jia Hui. Our favorite, Ahui, left us in her sleep yesterday. Although reluctant, but she has been free from this, disease-free, eternal love and joy and she is with ,......, if you want to do something for her, will she have been doing or want to do, continue! Chiao Hui can set fire to and light small flames everywhere, not to help you support, but also because of your company, the life of the blue baby is not alone. 」

On October 16, 2019, children's literature writer Yu Jiahui died of illness at the age of 46. The next day, her husband and sister wrote this passage on her personal Facebook page, mentioning that the farewell would be free of a hearse or a public ceremony;

When it comes to children's drawings, what theme sits you would think of? From parenting, emotional exercises, and nature conservation to relationships, painting is often the conduit we use to communicate with our children. In this regard, lucky Jiahui want to do more. For example, others did not talk about the acquaintance sexual assault, 228 incident, she is the first person in Taiwan, with a drawing book to let children understand these issues and their own relationship, at the same time, she also want to appeal to the grown people, pay more attention to the personal rights and interests of children.

During her lifetime, in addition to developing children's education through various means, her concerns about the human rights of children also covered physical rights, human rights and multicultural respect. In the face of the current state of society, she has a lot of anger, known as the hot-blooded girl Yu Jiahui, and when she turned to the child to talk, she had only to defend the gentle. 'I want to write down their stories because they can't speak for themselves, ' she once said. And, dear children, I hope you will grow up with light. And we also see a woman, speaking with strength and courage for the sake of her own concerns.

Photo: Yu Jiahui Facebook

"Dodo often screams and wakes up in the middle of the night" Taiwan's first acquaintance sexually assaulted children: Why don't you talk about sex education?

The last work of Yu Jiahui's life is also an important taiwan's book on sex education, "Butterflies Doa" . The drawing book takes the subject of sexual assault by acquaintances, hopes to be brought into every home, and begins to educate children about the importance of physical rights and self-protection. As mentioned in the Apple Daily report, Yu Jiahui said at the Reed Foundation event that "I don't want "Butterflies" to be just a commodity for me, but a social movement."

"Butterflies" describes a little girl, she grew up without a father, community neighbors will take care of each other. But one day, a frequent uncle began to hold out wolf claws to her and tried to invade her. During the uncle threatened Dodo to be obedient, if "the game thing" to others, it will be against The Mother. (Extended Reading: Choose a book for you, "Butterflies": Sex education, is the beginning of every family)

This time the creation, lucky Jiahui is to find acquaintances sexual assault survivor Chen Jiexuan drawing illustration. Chen Jiexuan, who has experienced three years of sexual abuse by the mother's family, healed his wounds through the creation of one side, and promised to leave more power to the community together. In the work, try to guide the child in a situational way, how to judge the crisis, and in the face of the invasion may feel, the support of the family, etc.

Do you talk about sex education with your child? If parents also avoid starting such a discussion, how can they identify or express their children when they are abused? In this regard, Yu Jiahui stressed that in the inability to injury continues to occur in the contemporary, in addition to treatment, but also to pay attention to prevention and treatment. And the whole society, every home, should begin to pay attention to this issue.

"Children Without Names" 228 and Migrant Children Creation: Children, I want you to know that you are born equal and free

In addition to physical rights, Yu Jiahui also strives to address the issue of children's human rights. In 2012, for example, she published the first book, "The Violin of Hope," based on Taiwan's historical facts and children's talk of human rights, inspired by the real events of mr. Chen Menghe, a white terror victim.

That year, Chen Menghe was imprisoned on Green Island on charges of injury. Fifteen years, he relied on his sister's letter to have the motivation to survive, and after learning the news of the birth of his niece, the hope for life rekindled, and hand-made a violin to give her.

In her autobiography, Mr. Yu mentioned that she had met with Mr. Chen Menghe herself and was determined to tell the story to the children. Before saying goodbye to Mr. Chen, she said to him, "Mr. Chen, I'm not sure if this case will succeed, but I will do my best for the sake of the next generation." What she wanted to tell her children was the fact of oppression, the courage to nourish life, and a story of pain and forgiveness.

Photo: Yu Jiahui Facebook

In addition to Taiwan's mainland 228, Fortunately jiahui is also concerned about international ethnic and migrant children's rights and interests. In her 2017 book, Transparent Children: Stories of Stateless Migrant Children, she takes note of the lives of untitled, unseen, forced children:

"They say their lives are borrowed, they are more and more transparent. 」

Fortunately, these children can't go to school, see a doctor, find a job, open a bank account, or get married, " in fact, every ten minutes the planet has such a stateless child born. When you finish reading this book, there are two or three children like the one said earlier. And she thought it her had a responsibility to speak for the unseen group of children. Because the so-called human rights, regardless of national boundaries.

On the eve of her award, she posted on her personal Facebook page on August 21st, on the eve of her award, that she would receive the Golden Ding Award for Special Contribution in 2019:

"Often, for your messageand and feedback, I always want to write something with you - is farewell is thanks, but I always fail, the last remaining essence is gratitude and love." If...... I suddenly left that day (the attending physician said I might not receive the Golden Ding Award), remember I left with your full love and blessings? 」

And after less than two months, she really left us.

In her life, she found strength for victims of sexual assault, for the children who lost her name to find a voice, she always said that she wanted to do a lot more, she just can not see adults feel that the child does not know anything. However, life will leave and power will remain, as she mentioned in her 2018 book Dear, which will be published:

"One winter, I came to a small town,......, I found that the children there were a little different. I thought, if I told you the story I saw, would you want to go to that town? Maybe one day we'll meet in a small town. 」

I hope all you who have lost your courage have been to the world she built for her children and the ability to love yourself.