In the room, is the bathroom the space that bothers you the most? Want to create a more comfortable bathroom space, you do not have to spend a lot of time, now recommend to your small girl can also play eight simple bathroom decoration method!

You're good at decorating and cleaning the room, but are you just a little bit wrong with that bathroom? Because it's always wet, or a little dark, the bathroom can easily become a corner of our troubles. However, it plays an important role in our lives.

You use it every day, especially to work all day down, can stay in and out of a hot bath, is your comfort and reward. So if you can decorate and create a more comfortable bathroom, you might feel like the whole room is different.

Here's a reference toHouse Beauty,Good House, and sortout eight ways to get the bathroom to decorate without spending a lot of money, and get out your notebook!

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1. Pick a nice cabinet and put the essentials

Bathrooms are usually filled with miscellaneous items, everything from toilets, detergents to cleaning tools, etc., while the good-use brand may sometimes look so good; Therefore, it is recommended that you pick a nice cabinet and receive them inside, both practical and maintain aesthetics.

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2. Change into warm-colored towel products

If you want to flip the cold feeling of the bathroom, the simplest place to do this is to choose a warm color color towel products. Things like adding a colorful mat, or a bright-colored towel, will make a difference in all visuals! It's recommended that you choose a red-orange curry system, or a lively yellow-green line, which will keep you in the bathroom every day, and the mood will be bright.

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3. Paint the same block of items in the same color

There is also a place in the color to adjust, that is, we can the same area, including walls, mirrors, cabinets and other items are painted into the same color. It may sound bold, but if you're willing to try it, it adds to the sense of consistency in tone and makes everything more minimalist, refined, and stylish.

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4. Invest your money in hand sanitizers

And if you want to decorate the bathroom may exceed your budget, it is recommended that you also add a home feel through small places! For example, you can choose your favorite specific brand of hand sanitizer. As a small-money girl, this may not be the place you would normally want to invest, but try to change once, will let you feel the overall quality of life and mood are quietly improved.

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5. Add a partition between the mirror and the hand washing table to increase the storage space

In the bathroom, it is important to have enough storage space. As mentioned earlier, you may have a lot of clutter to put in place. And if your bathroom doesn't have a cupboard, it's recommended to add a simple partition between the mirror and the handwashing table. In this way, you can increase the storage position more, but also small increase the sense of hierarchy on the decoration.

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6. Enjoy the shower, starting with a bathrobe

Have you ever thought about buying yourself a textured bathrobe? Maybe you'll only see it in a restaurant when you're traveling, but if we can also invest in a bathrobe to hang at home today, you'll probably be looking forward to going home every day and enjoying a shower. Give it a try! Start inghy and relax like a holiday when you go home.

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7. Bottle cans, attention to detail

Then, from toothbrush racks, containers of bottles and cans, to paper trays, we can all start paying attention to the details of these little things. For example, even if the toilet brush, can be very beautiful! As soon as you start to consciously pick. Some people may be in the rush to change into a series of visually consistent containers, and you do not have to spend so much effort, just remind yourself to pay more attention to beauty, slowly, your bathroom will become more and more beautiful!

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8. Add a little green erythema to make the space more lively

Finally, add a little green plants to the bathroom if you can! You can choose some of your favorite potted plants, notice that they can survive indoors and in a humid environment; green plants will make your mood feel pleasant, and with these embellishments, you can feel the environment more business-filled.

Life is like an investment, and as long as you're willing to spend a little more time on it, you'll feel it's getting more and more in line with your needs, and you'll like to go home more often. From today on, think about how to build the bathroom you want! You will feel in the process that this space, which was meant to serve your physiological needs, will truly become a part of your life.