Gender Force (Independent Women) Unit, you learn about feminism from the film. "The Devil in PRADA" is played by Anne Hathaway, from being a freshman in the workplace, and never turned back and left, a lesson for us to grow.

When it comes to Anne Hathaway, the first thing that comes to mind is that she plays Andrea Andy Sachs in The Demon in PraDA.

Photo : A photo of the demon in PRADA

Andy had just graduated from college and aspired to become a first-class journalist, with many uncertainties in front of her, but without prejudice to her vision and desire for the future.

At the beginning of the film, we saw a lot of girls of all kinds, lipstick, stockings, high heels, so that they could go out to work; Andy, who is out of society, can't afford to dress up in fancy clothes, can't afford a taxi, can only bite bread, while running to catch the subway.

Andy seems like the epitome of our youth. Not very decent, not very bright, but very real, isn't it?

Coming to the building for the upcoming interview, she looked up, a little afraid, but also for the first time feel the world is big.

Photo : A photo of the demon in PRADA

Perhaps, with a bit of newbies, Andy, who knows nothing about the fashion industry, became the second assistant to Miranda, the editor-in-chief. She thought everything had a good start, i do not know, unimaginable pressure and suffering towards her, the mountains came down the sea.

For Miranda, she's nothing. Those hot sparks, almost never finished work extinguished, she felt that she had been good wronged, good efforts, why everything is just as if the same step.

Photo : A photo of the demon in PRADA

Perhaps the self-esteem of the early twenties, Andy did not choose to leave so, she was also mad, to do the best.

Later, she finally got into a good job at work, but she lost a lot. Andy is so busy that he can't have a good meal with his father and his boyfriend.

She could not ask, and those things had gone far;

Photo : A photo of the demon in PRADA

I thought that's all it was. Until one day, Andy saw Miranda's vulnerability.

Miranda and she said she was getting divorced, and it was too late. Andy looked at Miranda and couldn't speak. The first time she saw Miranda's helplessness, the first time she thought she looked old. Miranda keeps burying her head in the job, and part of it may be to avoid other people's subjects.

It was also about this time that Andy seemed to have changed a little.

Maybe, after a few years, she can be like Miranda, but is this the life she wants?

Don't know you don't remember the eyes of your twenties. You know, there's a big world, waiting for you to break in. You want to do a lot of things, complete a lot of dreams, but in the passage of time, gradually lost.

"After becoming an adult, I still didn't finish my dream, i just got used to the fact that I didn't make it." The original insatiable sense of powerlessness will not disappear because of the passing of time, but play the grown man's own already able to accept the frustration of day and night. " "Taipei Girls" by Xu Weifang

Photo : A photo of the demon in PRADA

Yes, Andy also enjoys the thrill of stepping up, and has been so immersed in the luxury of dazzling fans. She took a lot of effort, it is not easy to climb to that person's enviable seat, to give up talking how easy.

Miranda: "If you want this life, you have to make those choices." 」
"You want this life, thoseee choices are have necessary."
Andy: "But what if that's not what I want?" What if I don't want to be like you? 」
"But what if... This isn't what I want? I mean, what if i don't want to live the way you live?

We should not work for a lifetime, but live a life they do not want. Until then, you won't understand where your heart is without a try.

Sometimes you need to go through it to know where it suits you.

Photo : A photo of the demon in PRADA

That day, she looked at Miranda's back, somehow, her heart was extinguished for a long time the fire, and quietly burned up.

Such a title, such a life pattern, she does not want. This is What Miranda wants, this is what everyone wants, but she doesn't want it.

Keep reminding yourself not to compare yourself to others. What's the analogy? Your life is your own. You've come here, and you'll go further.

Xu Yufang, "Taipei Girls"

After Andy got out of the car and left in the opposite direction, Miranda looked back and couldn't see her. For the first time, Miranda was left behind.

Once again, Andy felt extremely free when he lost Miranda's phone.

The Demon in PRADA Teaches Me Feminism

There are many options, and the right to choose is with you.

As a woman, you don't have to be a "strong woman" in the workplace who calls the wind and rain, but you can be truly free.

It's a lesson taught by The Devil in PRADA, and it's very similar to feminism. Feminist empowerment and self-empowerment are those that encourage women to have their own choices and the ability to make the decisions they want.

Andy didn't do anything wrong, and Miranda did nothing wrong. In this world, there should be no choice, and they make different choices.

Photo : A photo of the demon in PRADA

Women have the right to decide for themselves what kind of person they want to be and what kind of life they want to live. The point is, is the atmosphere and institution of this society sufficient to allow women to choose themselves, independent of their identity, labels and titles? (Extended reading:"Monthly salary wife" female power revelation: housewife or all-powerful woman, it is a woman's choice)

We encourage women to love themselves and be themselves, and at the same time we need a gender-friendly atmosphere. Feminism, what is required is equality and equality, that's all.

When you finally have the courage to be yourself, perhaps you can like the film's awakened Anne Hathaway, handsomely dropped that sentence:

I'm not your baby. I'm not your baby.

Andy, "The Devil in PRADA"

Photo : A photo of the demon in PRADA