"Six People" returns, the plot of the play in the modern view is controversial, how should we look at this classic?

On the last day of 2019, the hit "Six People" went off Netflix from the U.S. (Taiwan hasn't yet), just as fans mourned, "Rachel" Jennifer Aniston posted a photo of "Six People" on IG on February 22 with the caption, "It's happening...." The language is reserved and rekindles the hope of a class of old drama fans.

HBO Max then announced that the Sixers would return in full as part of an exclusive special.

Classic re-enactment, we can't bear to go back to Wen "six people" in each bridge section, recalled at that time every humorous and laugh-out-of-tear lines and pictures. But 15 years later, when we look back again at the details of the Six someone, it's still funny, but it's not right, and we start asking ourselves: What do we think of this era classic? What can I think of myself when I laugh at these discriminatory content?

Photo: A photo of the six-person walk

Homophobia, sexism, all about the Six

In 2018, The Independent published a story about The Six,' titled "Millennials Are Shocked by the Episode of The Six," which featured plot designs for The Six, including mockery of Monica's figure, Chandler's homophobic lines because of her father, and Ross's discrimination against male keepers.

When Ross wanted to find a baby for his child, but because his ex-wife was a lesbian, he became afraid of gays:

"You're a boy as a keeper (So, you're just.... a guy who's a nanny?? 」
"Are you gay(Are you) ?" 」
"What boy would want to be a mother- to mother?" This is a girl's job (What kind of job is that for a man a nanny?) It's like woman wanted to be...
When Chandler dined with his mother and his father in a dress, his mother said to his father:
"Don't you feel like you've got more genitals and aren't it right to wear a dress (Don't you have a too lot lot lot to be wearing a dress like that like that) ? 」

The other episodes are invincible, as Monica's high school body is always used as an article, Joey's obsession with "girls' stuff" is ostracized, and Rachel hires a handsome male secretary just to flirt with him.

In 2020, we are clamoring for gender equality, advocating the deconstruction of the gender framework, the adoption of marriage laws in various countries, the #Metoo campaign against sexual harassment, and women's advocacy of physical autonomy and the fight against toxic masculinity. As fans of old dramas, we were caught in a war when we watched the play, and we were embarrassed by our own laughs. Now when we look back at this classic album, how do we explain it, how do we admit it, and how do we retell the problems?

In an interview with the Guardian on January 27, 2020, David Schwimmer, who plays Ross, said he was unconcerned about the way millennials interpret the Sixers. "The truth is that the play is groundbreaking on the subject of sex, gay marriage and relationships, and I think the problem today is that a lot of discussion is less about the context," he said in an interview. You have to look at what the Sixers were in and what it was trying to do. (Extended reading:"The women I've met in my life have been sexually harassed" actor David Schwimmer's anti-sexual violence and keep his daughter from living worse for generations

Photo: A photo of the six-person walk

What role do we expect from the film for this generation?

We can't deny that watching The SixErs again with today's eyes, there are too many episodes that must be scrutinized and corrected.

But at the same time, we should also think, in an age like 1990, how the gay community was interpreted? On May 17, 1990, the WHO removed homosexuality from the list of diseases, when "gay" was linked to "disease" for 12 years, and society still had a false perception of gays, linking them to negative words such as disease and crime.

The advent of "Sixers", perhaps in the 1990s, was a preview, but also a force for breaking, and we imagined the possibility of a gay family in a generation full of LGBTQ-plus stigma, two moms, a child, and a family, and we were able to see a hidden gay family, what it looks like to co-exist with this society.

We've also seen other controversies in The Six,' for example, when two gay moms look edged with ease about playing With Barbie in his son's class, but Ross tries to get his son's class to let go of the Barbie doll in his hand and play with the robot toy that the boys should play with instead. At the end of the episode, Ross remembers that when he was a child, he once liked to play with family wine. There are a lot of people who think this bridge segment of The Sixers has shaped the gender stereotype, and I think Ross's character does reflect the thoughts and concerns of most parents at the time, but we also see the show trying to respond to this anxiety, and the other characters keep telling Ross that it's normal for boys to play Barbie.

Then we think about it, by 2020, there will still be a "white" controversy over the major awards, and that communities such as African-Americans and Asians may still be excluded from the screen, whereas in the 1990s, the Sixers were won by David Schwimmer. The role of Asian-African women (two girlfriends who interacted with Ross in the show) appeared, he says, and that's the film's conscious push.

Of course, "Sixpeople" still has its shortcomings, for example, it is difficult to explain the way it looks at women's bodies, for example, the once-disturbing plot is based on discrimination against ethnic groups, while some of the plot, more reinforcing the gender stereotype. These points are hard to blame, nor can they be flattened by the efforts it has made in front of them.

But I think it's time to think about what role we're looking at in the drama.

I believe that a play or film reflects the values that this generation believes in, multi-faceted and three-dimensional. And the values we believe in at this moment, it may be debated, reinterpreted, overturned, and left to the next generation over time. The existence of the film will illuminate more stories in dark corners, in boxes, unwilling to talk, in all possible forms in front of the crowd.

Equality and pluralism are the future that has been created in constant dialectics, as the Sixers did in the 1990s.

And this generation, we should also continue to look forward to the emergence of a drama, can become a force to lead the public to think. (Extended reading: Comrade is everyday!) How does "The Common Girl" get out of the first shot of the drama? ) )