Tang Feng, the much-loved "Taiwan IT Minister" of Taiwan, has nothing to know about besides IQ 180 and genderless identity?

Everything has a gap, the gap is the entrance of light.
- Poet and singer Leonard Cohen

It was her favorite singer, and his low-snom murmurs did not know how many days and nights she had accompanied her; She's smart enough to joke that she's going to cover her head with aluminum foil to keep her from controlling people with brainwaves. She was also gentle, so gentle that few people had seen her speak loudly. She may still be alone, so she can appreciate the sadness of Leonard Cohen's music in particular.

It's just that sentence, that the words that turn the gap into the entrance, catch her, who had longed for perfectionism, and want her to learn to let her go. She's Tang Feng, and you've probably known her with the words "IQ 180, talented minister, first transgender councillor." But in the various notes, is it possible, Tang Feng is only Tang Feng? Not because of high IQ, not because of transgender people and attention. But as Tang Feng alone, is it special enough?

Photo: Tang Feng Facebook

The world is not for you, you don't have to cater to the world

Open Wikipedia, about Tang Feng's profile, everything on the left side of the page is written on, her gender identity, her family members, her place of birth, her professional ability. Only her academic qualifications. Of all the celebrities who appear edits on Wikipedia, a few do not have a note of education.

Probably because the education does not represent Tang Feng.

In 1995, at the age of 14, she applied to self-study at home because she realized that the current education system was not suitable for her. In 2018, Tang Feng wrote on her personal Facebook page that she chose self-study because she felt that textbook knowledge was nearly a decade behind online information, and that she wanted to do research directly than continuing to high school.

I think the focus of learning is not "which place to go to, but "where you want to go": go in that direction, the stars next to you will be what you need. Each learning a new concept, can let us touch the bypass, understand the different things behind the vein, and then create a constellation of their own.

In Tang Feng's eyes, learning is not only for further education, but in the vast majority of learning, first extensive contact with various types, and then choose a most want to move forward the direction. She used a very romantic metaphor, and when we combine learning, we can create our own constellations. Not one of the twelve constellations, but a constellation that can form itself.

She realized very early, when you feel that the world is not suitable for themselves, you always have the right to say no, always have the right to jump out of the car ahead of time, take their own way, explore in their own way, there is no need to be in a good youth, the body in the wooden desks and chairs, the mind locked in a few square meters of the classroom.

Photo: Tang Feng Facebook

choose gentleness and kindness because of enough understanding

Tang Feng chose to self-study the reason, in addition to being able to learn more through the network, there is the shadow of bullying in the school. According to The Parent-Child World, Tang said he had been bullied by classmates during the course of his studies because of "teachers can't teach" and "peer disapproval". At that time, she was extremely insecure and slept in her mother's arms every night. All the pain she experienced by the bully, she really experienced.

It's just, how does she think of the past? In 2016, Tang Feng talked about bullying again on "Youth Speaker":

In addition to bullying (or watching, or we say to kill, killed, rescue) these roles, in fact, there are many teachers in that year they quietly accompany me, he will not say that the bully i must be bad, will not feel that the bully must be very poor, will not feel that who must jump down immediately to save him.

On the other hand, that is, those teachers will tell me what kind of psychology, so that everyone will become a bully, that some of the psychology behind what kind of thinking.

I can slowly understand those ideas, in fact, will not feel so hurt, and then also feel that sometimes not their individual, but in such a highly competitive environment, people will be pressure into that. So we should solve the environmental problem, not think who must be the bad guy, probably so.

Tang Feng always speaks softly and in a gentle tone. Such moderation is the result of her full understanding of others and the best possible justification for others. So is she born mild, or is she chosen to be gentle? The answer may not be self-evident.

Photo: Tang Feng Facebook

Tear off the first genderless cabinet label, I'm just me.

In addition to her high IQ, another cause of concern for Tang Feng is her gender identity. At the age of 25, she announced her transgender status on the blog, writing, "Whether it's the present, the past, or the future, I'd love to call me a woman." 」

Ten years later, in 2016, as she becomes a councillor, her gender identity issue is once again on the rise, facing the media question "Has the gender column changed?" She responded, "On the personnel data sheet of the Executive Council, my party column and gender column are all filled in "None". That same year, she gave an interview to the French media LeNouvel Observateur, referring to her "post-gender" on gender issues and saying, "I don't choose to stand in the gender debate." It's not that I don't think the issue is important, it's that I don't think the argument can solve any thing. 」

She then gave a reality interview to The Youth Speaker VR, where high school students asked what the label was "genderless" was as follows:

Senior three students: I have a small question about the councillors, when you are registered as a councillor, the gender on the table you are registered "genderless", to me, I think a person is a boy, is a girl, in fact, do not need to specifically declare to others. What are your intentions and purposes when you write "genderless"?

Tang Feng: Do you know South Africa? In the past, white sand in South Africa lived separately from blacks and could not go to the same school. But apart from blacks and whites, there are other people, (genderless) is probably such an idea.

Asked if he had sex-change surgery, Tang Feng also responded: "I'm not really transgender, I've always been myself!" And Tang Feng's father, Tang Guanghua, has also publicly expressed his support for Tang Feng to become himself. "If she feels that a gender shift will make her happier, more creative and not hurt anyone, there's no reason not to accept it." 」

Tang Feng is not only because of the IQ 180 councillor, but also because of the transgender identity. It's about being able to stay true to herself and keep working hard for the values she believes in, no matter where she is or where she is. In her case, we see the specific practice of the phrase "Everything has a gap, a gap is the entrance of light".

When you do not pursue perfection, only the pursuit of complete self, you will be the most unique existence in your own world.