China's "See 4 she" is a virtual reality game where the experiencer will be able to enter a woman's body and experience the most shocking scene struck in her life. 'We want to bring the victim's perspective to the victim's perspective in the first person, to guide thinking, to include that you can not suppress uncomfortable feelings, and shake the victim's sense of guilt,' said Liao Jingyi, the sponsor.

"My name is ... probably Lucy, Tanya, Jingyi, Anchi. I could be a student, your colleague, your friend, your sister or daughter. I am a girl, I am a citizen, I have independent thinking, independent personality, just like you, like him, and everyone. 」

At the beginning of the concept film "See 4 she", a woman speaks with the first person. Then you see yourself in the picture as a passer-by and see a man pulling another woman, and there's an apparent argument between the two, and the man signals it's not your business and asks you to leave. A line appears on the screen: "Do I say something?" (What should I say?) What action should we take for the immediate event when we experience the scene of sexual harassment? How do I feel?

"See4 she"is actually a virtual reality launched in 2019 by Chinese student Liao Jingyi and others, using technology VR technology to put experiencers in the scene of sexual harassment or sexism, and then to think about sexual harassment in society as a whole. Liao's team says any violence about sex is done together by the whole society. And we don't want to sit back and watch.

Picture : Screenshot from"See 4 she"

Picture : Screenshot from"See 4 she"

Into a woman's body and experience the most shocking night of her life

How hard is it for the public to really focus on sexual harassment and understand the situation of victims?

Liao Jingyi and his team in a statement of defense, first asked the question: "I would like to ask all of you present, if you were harassed, you would choose to say so?" According to the survey, they found that nearly 50 percent of high school students in China choose to be silent after experiencing sexual harassment: "But we can't blame them for being silent because we're not friendly enough to them." Do we have enough psychological reconstruction agencies, or legal aid, to guide them? 」

"No. What we're saying is, you're so dressed so exposed that you're not being harassed! 」
"You see it's all the time, go home so late, see the next game?" 」
"You don't lose face when a girl dares to say this thing?" 」

But when it comes to it, they give a hint: In fact, do we really have no empathy? It's not like that. We may just lack consciousness. The general lack of sex education is the gap in the community to the campus;

They spent a year studying thousands of cases of sexual harassment and creating miniature models of sexual harassment cases. They want to let the experiencer define for himself what it is like and how we can handle it by hiding in some of the "ambiguous" scenes of the crime in life: "We believe that the experiencer will make different choices in the process, which will bring strong feelings and evoke his empathy." Thus, sexual harassment is no longer just a few data, but a few real experiences, behind a lot of helpless and silent mood.

Picture : Screenshot from"See 4 she"

Picture : Screenshot from"See 4 she"

"I didn't get the job, not because of my ability, but because of gender."

In addition to the bystander's perspective, they also design experiences that bring the victim's perspective to the first person, to feel the most shocking scene in his life, and to understand the helplessness and injury that may be present. In addition, they also guide users to learn an effective rejection strategy.

In the process, we will be able to think together and define what sexual harassment is, and guide feelings through the victim's perspective, calling for not to suppress feelings of discomfort in our hearts, or simply to create feelings of guilt. Perhaps we just lack the opportunity to understand, but that doesn't mean we'll lose the opportunity to judge and save ourselves.

According to the BBC, the See 4 she team has also planned the subject of sexism in the workplace, with the experience rife playing a woman interviewing at a technology company. In this process, you will receive messages from both parties. One is from your mother, who may tell you that girls can't do technology, and the other is from an interviewer, who might ask you, how do you balance work and family life?

And at the end of the game, you won't be able to get the job, but not because you're not capable, just because you're a girl.

In February this year , women fans also conducted a " Women's Impact " survey and collected 900 valid questionnaires . Among them, the top two respondents in the question "Women's Workplace Rights" were "Multi-gender inclusion environment" and "Equalrights in Pay and Promotion Opportunities". From this, we also see the gap in goals, and the direction of efforts.

Picture : Screenshot from"See 4 she"

Seeing these reality story simulations, whether you have a deep sense of both vision and a deep sense of vision because of your own experience, or have heard similar stories, we can all start a discussion through this small action that a society that cannot respect each other, perhaps not caused by a single individual, it is bound to involve all levels and roles. And if we can all face gender inequality and aggression in society more consciously, we will be able to start with our little strength and gradually change the people around us.

If we take VR out, can we practice a conscious shift in our lives to see that gender parity is happening?

As Liao and his team said, we want to do more before something more serious happens. And ultimately, it will create a world in which everyone feels safe and respected.