Whenever you feel that life is a little hard, whenever you are depressed about life, go out the door and hold a tree! Healing the psychology of the tree, embrace it when your body is producing these changes.

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What do you do when you feel depressed?

Take a hot hot bath, talk to a trusted friend, or turn off the lights in your room and watch a movie that makes you feel healing and calm. When we do these things, we feel hugged, and if we want to regain our love, you can actually try to get out the door and hold a tree.

Perhaps we all know that being close to nature has healing effects, but why hold a tree? According to psychologists and scientific studies, holding a tree can make us feel better unknowingly, and that's because our bodies are making these changes:

"All my stake is accepted" the healing psychology of the tree

Do you know? When we embrace a tree, we secrete oxytocin in our bodies, and we have a feeling of happiness and happiness.

In the book Blinded by Science, researcher Matthew Silverstone notes that trees do improve your health when people feel depressed and stressed. Psychologist Dr. Miles Richardson also says that when we are in front of trees, our heart rhythms become smooth and soothing; he believes that trees are closely related to our emotions, and that it makes us feel that life has a stability and then slowly regains the self-confidence or uncertainty that we have missed.

That is, when we quietly feel the smell and touch of the tree, we are also accepting its state of life, magnificent beauty, or with the season is fading withering; You will also know that everything about yourself, beauty and ugliness, positive or negative emotions, can be accepted here by the whole of nature. (Look at the sea moss bear's embrace of the tree heart: "When themood is not good, look at the tree! Embrace the Healing Law of Plants)

Like the life cycle, the cycle is gradual; you may just be at a low ebb, and you'll just go high next.

At the same time, it reminds you or realizes that there is emotion in the world, that you lose in complex relationships, in a chaotic city, that it will make you feel and have again.

And in the end we'll know that love is there all the time.

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"Talking to it, it's also the eight steps to talk to your heart" how to hold a tree

And to start hugging trees, there are some small ways to get you into the state faster. Energy therapist Phylameana Lila Desy says embracing a tree is perhaps the easiest way to embrace nature. And she also offers steps to hold the tree:

1. Find a quiet park or forest land

2. Go into the woods until you feel yourself fit in and feel comfortable

3. Touch and feel different bark textures with your palms

4. Try to smell all the smells in the woods

5. You can look up at the vast, lush branches and absorb their life energy

6. Follow your feelings and find the perfect tree that fits your mood

7. Talk to the tree softly, or you can also communicate with the tree by telepathic

8. Surround it with your arm while gently leaning your cheek slyly, careful not to let it scratch your face

Phylameana Lila Desy says that trees are a good listener and don't be afraid to talk to them. And it's really like using the process of imagination to feel your inner words and expressions.

Embrace a tree, and most importantly, you use the "free space" that nature has given to heal yourself in a comprehensive way, and you will realize in the process that you are actually part of the natural world and permanently inclusive. So, rather than feeling what it brings to ourselves, we are also re-feeling the energy that we already have within.

Next time you feel a little lonely, or not to be loved, go to hold the tree! Its presence will make you feel the weight of life again.