Collect the voices of 50 netizens and see the bravest things they've done in their marriage. Whether it is determined to choose with you for the rest of the life, or after finding that it is not suitable to leave this relationship bravely, every time for love to summon courage of you, it is worth recording down.

How much courage does it take to decide to enter into a marriage? With a piece of paper, write down each other's new identity, marriage is not only an extension of love, but also a simple love of a person is a very different responsibility. Until we make this decision, we do not know what the future holds, saying that it is to maintain the oath as much as we can, rather than to make the next adventure.

In February 2020, women fans and home bars askquestions on the official IG and collect more than 50 responses. We see that, in addition to deciding on the moment of marriage, the bravest thing to do for marriage is also included in the tolerance of errors in love, or the choice to put down and leave.

Marriage is not easy, and no matter where you go, you will be making every decision at the moment, understand that courage is precious. Six marriage story illustrations, one, a real emotional relationship:

"The days that are left, only love for you"

If the rest of this life, only for one person to pay love, you would like to? The bravest decision for marriage is the second half of my life, only love you. I want to be loyal to you, for love efforts, I want to see, such a day to go together, can go far, can go where.

"Use your greatest courage to have a child"

Months of pregnancy, stress-related physical changes, and the uneasiness and pain of giving birth, the unknowns and fears of having a baby, have also put you off. However, perhaps because you fall in love with a person, you begin to imagine with his children, what will it look like? Or you start to yearn to experience your mother's identity and wonder how you can carry on a life. This time, you walk into the delivery room and use up the greatest courage of your life.

"Want to go down together and decide to come out of the cabinet for you"

In May 2019, marriage in Taiwan was legalized! Finally can and you have a legal name, and for such an identity, I am willing to be brave out of the cabinet. And these stories also let us know that the same marriage law on the road, does not guarantee a happy life from now on. Perhaps the hard things are beginning. But because we go together, we will be more powerful.

"Leave your familiar hometown just to live with you"

Finally end the long-distance days, we have to have their own home. However, to choose this marriage, I must leave the home I have been familiar with since childhood, my circle of friends, to a completely strange place. A little scared, a little nervous, but also happy. Perhaps, love is such a complex emotion! And through these difficulties, we will be able to go further.

"After a few ups and downs, I'll forgive you for your affair. "

Discover the fact that you're having an affair, my world is like a thunderbolt. As if I had never had happiness, as if the familiar person in front of me, suddenly became strange, far away from it. What am I supposed to do? In countless nights, I am full of confusion, sad thorough, thinking about the future where to go. I know that maintaining a home is never easy, and When I have the strength to do so, I decide to pick up my broken heart;

"Bravely love each other and then leave bravely and sign a divorce certificate"

After a long effort, I think we're still not fit for marriage. I took some time to accept this fact and try to adjust myself. Because just like the original choice of brave love, at this moment choose to separate, also need the same courage. And I think we'll finally understand that this farewell will be the best ending to our love.

Marriage is a life choice, somepeople linger at the door for a long time, some people come in later regret the decision too soon, and some people, after a few hardships and struggles, finally understand that marriage is not the answer to any relationship or stage of life, but you practice the process of working hard for this family.

And no matter where you or you end up going, your own courage, which you have lifted for marriage, will be with you for the rest of your life.