Gender Force (Independent Women) Unit, you learn about feminism from the film. "Summer 500" summer love, very simple, very direct. And she loves you, never for her.

Is there any classic love skit that lasts in people's hearts for a long time? One of them, I would say, must be "Fifty Days of Love" (500 Days of Summer). More than a decade after its release, the heroine, played by Zooey Deschanel, is still alive and charming.

This is how the story begins.

Summer has a pair of dynamic eyes, beautiful and playful. She was in the elevator, curious about the music Tom was listening to, and went into his life, so the two had a resonance.

Photo: "Fifty Days of Love"

They went to record shops, furniture stores, and joked about each other's boredom but cuteness, and for Tom at the time, it was his whole world.

Summer: "Hey, Tom, I want to tell you, I didn't have to seriously do this?" 」
Tom: Yes. 」
Summer: "Because some people will be scared to hear this." 」
Tom: I won't. 」

Summer is such a girl - with her, the sun shines never leaves, the day is a good day. The same is true of her love, directly when, where to go.

She said that you just really want you, she will leave immediately, no desire to indulge, no cornering. She can give a kiss in the photocopier room, she can dance with you, but she loves you and never you can decide for her.

Photo: "Fifty Days of Love"

Their story began at the end of spring. How much Tom longed, this winter of love will never come.

"From summer/all the way to the fifth season / so long trek stoking / concentrate on you" - Lin Wanyu thought of

Photo: "Fifty Days of Love"

However, if everything goes well as Tom imagined, after all, it's too much like real life.

Summer: "I think we should stop dating." 」
Tom: I don't know, I don't care. I'm happy, aren't you happy? 」
Summer: "Are you happy?" 」
Tom, "Are you not happy?" 」
Summer: "We quarrel day in and night. 」
Tom: "That's nonsense. 」

Photo: "Fifty Days of Love"

What happened in summer? Why is this sudden? Aren't we good? These questions kept Tom confused. But you'll find that the whole film has always been from Tom's point of view, and we know how much he likes summer, how sweet the time he spends, but we can't know what summer is thinking or see the whole picture of things.

When a relationship has changed, it is never just one of the problems, but we choose not to face.

"Summer 500" Teaches Me Feminism

At first, summer was not a woman who longed for love.

She even kindly reminded Tom - hey, I don't want to settle it yet, so I, can you?

I like to be alone. Talking about feelings is very troublesome and hurt, who wants it? We are still young, live in a beautiful city, it is better to have fun in time, serious things and so on later.

Summer 500 Days

Photo: "Fifty Days of Love"

In the end, they did not walk together. Love is not a fairy tale, but a daily one. She married another man in the summer.

She met her heart, and the man was not Tom.

Summer: "When I'm with you, I'm not sure. 」

Summer knows exactly what he wants and doesn't apologize for it. Summer shows us that women can have lust and autonomy, but also not afraid to enter into a relationship.

Photo: "Fifty Days of Love"

We should have more imagination about women's desires. French feminist Luce Irigaray, for example, argues that "women's desires are fully expressed, and women no longer wrap themselves in men's fantasies and needs".

Women do not have to live with the expectations of a patriarchal society, but have many choices.

Desire is the idea and desire to get something or purpose, not only the desire to be intuitively associated with it, but also the emotional need. So when summer can't get what she wants from Tom, she's leaving. Some people say she is selfish, but I think she is honest.

"Our beginning/honest/so this/end s/ "- Lulu Kaur

I love you, it has nothing to do with you;

Love not to panic, no apology. If I do not love you but want to be together, is really negative you.

Love is like summer. I don't fit your imagination, but that's what it is.

It just d't me me h-h you were right right about. It's just that you're wrong about me.

Summer 500 Days

Photo: "Fifty Days of Love"