Previously, we've asked readers on Instagram what we've heard, "The warmest comfort you've ever heard," and we've sorted out 12 quotes for you, and when your friends are at a low ebb, say these things to him.

Recently, Wu Zongxian on the program a "depression patients are because of the loss of enough" statement, causing the community and the vast number of netizens anger and sadness.

Restoring the show scene, when stylist Li Mingchuan mentioned that he has insomnia, depression and other conditions, Wu Zongxian went on: "Why do you have depression?" I tell you, three words, all the patients of depression carefully listen, the cause of depression is because of these three words, you understand, you pass, are because of "i do not know enough", life you want to think, is to have rather than lose. 」

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As soon as this came, the community was emotional and angry. Yesterday (March 13) evening Wu Zongxian posted on Facebook that his starting point was concern, stressing, "My point is that I am not a doctor, can not prescribe medicine, friends around me have the same situation, I will use this way to comfort." 」

In the past, women fans in the past in the "only refueling, hard work, good up?" In the face of depression patients, care please change the way " article revealed that the single requirement for people with depression "to think about the benefits", "don't think too much" is actually no comfort, even more will make people with depression more feeling powerless.

Previously, we've asked readers on Instagram, "The Warmest Comfort You've Ever Heard," and compiled 12 quotes for you. If you have a hypochondriac, or a friend at a low ebb, give priority to these care patterns, so let us try to understand his pain in the first place, accept his emotions, rather than deny the sadness of the moment, or ask him to think positively.

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  • It doesn't matter, we are here waiting for you, and so you feel like you become a good person, and so you feel that you are no longer so sad, we will be around you with you ah.

  • I do not just want to share your happiness, but also want to share your troubles, when you need me, I will always be;

  • If the rainy season is not over, I will accompany you to rain.

  • I know you've worked really hard, we've all seen that you're really, really good (touching your head)

  • Afraid! Don't worry, you're not alone.

  • I love you, all you, rest assured to be yourself!

  • Obey your heart, give it time to settle it

  • Hard you, in the days to come, your efforts will be seen, life will be better and better

  • To believe that you are great, you can have a good rest and go on.

  • This world is not perfect, then we use love to fill him, if you feel that they are not perfect, please love yourself, you must have the most beautiful place.

  • The pursuit of the goal of the road, must have feeling tired and powerless, please do not blame yourself, timely rest, will not put you from the road back to the original point, pay time and heart will not be in vain, they are seeds, and your patience and persistence is their sunshine and water, take care of themselves, continue to move forward, the seeds will blossom.

  • You need it anytime, I'm there, unless I'm asleep.

In the face of depression or depression, the most response you can do, and the most support you can give, is to understand, accept, wait from the heart, rather than call them endless positive thinking. You have to believe that the light is your companionship itself, and has been full of strength and comfort. (Recommended reading: 20 words you can say to yourself when you feel sad)

As the reader says, the world is not perfect, we are not perfect, but that mutual understanding of the heart, has been more beautiful than perfection. Give all you in the low tide, hard, we continue to work hard, we, together.