The Czech documentary "Caught in the Net" discusses the issue of child sexual exploitation on the Internet, and they find three adult female actors to watch as a 12-year-old girl. In just ten days, 2,458 would-be sex offenders were brought in. Some of these men are even over 60 years old.

During that video, the man wanted to send her a photo of his penis, even though she was just a 12-year-old girl. Or, precisely because she is an underage girl.

On February 27, 2020, the Czech republic launched the documentary"Caught in The Net"to spark discussion, which has now been watched by more than 110,000 viewers. The film' theme is to discuss child sexual exploitation on the Internet, where they find three adult female actors to watch as a 12-year-old girl. In just ten days, 2,458 would-be sex offenders were brought in, some of them men over the age of 60.

At the end of the filming, the crew said they had to work with the police because things were beyond their imagination.

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Child sexual exploitation

Child Sexual Sion

Pornography targeting children or adolescents. Article 2 of Chapter I of Taiwan's Regulations on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents states that acts include making a child or juvenile a bargain or act of sexual intercourse or an act of indecency, filming, making and using a child or juvenile as sexual intercourse, indecent behavior products for public viewing, or making a child or juvenile to sit on the stage with alcohol or to travel, dance with a partner involving pornography, etc.

Reference data: National Regulatory Database

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What's going on behind the children's door?

"Don't you mind if I'm 12 years old?" According to Deutsche Welle , the line was printed on a local Czech film poster . And that's what the three actors ask the male videoist in the film.

To create a real scene, the venue created a room full of fluffy dolls and other toys for a 12-year-old girl room as a backdrop, and then dressed the actors as underage girls through clothing, make-up, etc. In the process, they also developed a set of codes, such as the actors must clearly state that they are 12 years old and so on.

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Barbora Chalupova, the documentary's co-director, says the elaborate design sits in the only way to truly document potential child sex offenders: "They ask for video sex, ask each other to be naked or provide explicit photos, and in some cases they will be willing to pay for it." 」

At first, they just wanted to talk about how girls were vulnerable to sexual exploitation on the Internet, but in the process found more serious methods of aggression. For example, they would make further threats and extortion against girls, or proposals ranging from child pornography to human-animal sex. As co-director Vit Klusak puts it, "Whenever we think we've seen the worst, it's worse." 」

"They want to know if she's still a virgin" video even recorded the actual meeting scene.

The film also documents a time when the girl meets one of the men.

They meet at a coffee shop, where staff carefully guard the various areas of the store and set up hidden cameras. To their surprise, the man came to the scene with another adult woman. In the process, they asked the girl if menstruation had come and probed to find out that she was still a virgin. Even so, three P is required.

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See this you may think, although these processes are performed, but after all, the three actors really have to face the situation beyond control, that will not have a certain psychological impact on them?

One of the actors, Anezka Pithartova, 22, said in the Deutsche Welle report that she doesn't regret being involved in the shoot, but doesn't want to come again: "There have been things that haven't bothered me before, like someone staring at me or flirting with me, and now it's painful for me." After filming, she began to receive treatment because she could not afford the psychological pressure.

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"Finally, we have to let the police join in" is there any controversy over the method of filming?

In this documentary, although the male face is obscured through technology, the voice is not handled. In addition, 10 people are under investigation and a man has been given a suspended sentence, starting with a record of online child sex crimes and later getting police to join the case. They are charged with sexual coercion, dissemination of pornography or child abuse.

"We didn't know what was waiting for us. Klusak said.

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In this case, it has also become the film in the moral discussion of the point of contention.

But in any case, it opens a window into the public to see the real-life issue of online child sex crimes and to understand the scope and seriousness of the incident. "Caught in the Net" will also be edited into a 12-plus-year-fit version to provide a broader educational meaning.

How important is physical protection and sex education for children? Caught in The Net is a demonstration that everyone in the social class has the point of power they can do. In the face of a long-known problem, all we can do is use actions to shake unequal exploitation. As long as you pay more attention, maybe they can do less harm.