Singer John Legend has never been shy about calling himself a feminist, and someone who acidens him to stop being a wife-only man, he says, 'Well, let's tell you how to be a feminist man.'

"The definition of feminism is completely misunderstood. Feminism is not about blaming who's right and who's wrong, it's about giving everyone the right to do whatever he wants, and feminism gives you faith and always be honest with yourself. He's more feminist than I am! He actually shared a lot of ideas for women's rights. John Legend's partner, Chrissy Teigen, says that at 21, when she's full of self-doubt, it's John Legend who changes the way she sees herself.

Singer John Legend has never been shy about calling himself a feminist. Many people heard that he supported feminism, began to aciden him to be no longer "Legend", and others taunted: "Do something without your wife's consent, be a man." 」

ok, how do you be a man? How to be a feminist man? John Legend decided to demonstrate it to everyone.

John Legend's Way as a Man One: Be True To Yourself

In May 2017, the men's body spray brand AXE released a "Can boys do a job?" (is it ok for guys... Ads, an attempt to dispel the myth of toxic masculinity.

John Legend saw AXE's ad and announced on August 24 of that year that he was working with the AXE Senior Guidance Program to actually walk into the campus to teach art performances and share the stereotype of how the stereotype of "manly ness" would hurt the male mind.

John legend deeply understands the plight of men, because he loved music in high school, but there is an atmosphere on campus: to be a popular person (especially for men), you have to focus on sports. Once you're not on the top of the "food chain" and strong enough, and fast enough, it's hard to be confident.

On Mashable, he redefines imaginary masculinity: "Masculinity should be about encouraging creativity, encouraging being yourself, rejecting bullying or belittling things." "I think a lot of young men are trying to figure out who they can be, and the more we encourage men to love themselves, to love who they are, to be more confident in themselves, the more they no longer need to bully or bully others to make themselves happy," he said. 」

John Legend's Way to Be a Man II: Solidarity for Inequality

In January 2019, the US cable television documentary "Surviving R. Kelly", which exposed blues singer Lou Kelly's long history of sexual assault/under house arrest, and John Legend appeared in solidarity with women in the show, tweeting after the show: "It's not dangerous for me to say I want to be brave in the documentary, because I believe in these women." Go to his men who protect the rapists. (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" Documentary "Surviving R. Kelly" refers to Lau Kelly sexually assaulted, he intends to sue the victim of the female false accusations)

In 2019, however, netizens posted a photo of John Legend and Harvey Weinstein in 2016, slamming him as a "hypocrite." In response, John Legend made his position clear: "I had several photo shoots and collaborations with him before the Harvey Weinstein incident (#Metoo Campaign, 2017), and his company and career have been destroyed since the revelations, and it should sound like something that should have happened to Laukelly." 」

His dare not because of the comments of netizens and back down, if someone asked him how to call a man? John Legend will tell you directly: stand up for your faith.

John Legend's Way as a Man Three: Parenting, Is Two People's Business

John Legend also understands how different the standards of this society are for fathers and mothers, especially after partner Christine Teigen has had children.

In 2016, the couple had their first child, Luna, and a week after the birth of their baby, John Legend and Christine Teigen found a chance to catch their breath and went on a date together. Yet there has been constant criticism from the community that, now that Christine Teigen should not have left her children at home as mothers, she is frantically shaming her mother.

John Legend took this opportunity to point out his long-standing pro-job tag: "People will criticize Christine for leaving the child at home, but not half a word for me." You see, we're all parents and we go out together, and if you think it's inappropriate, you blame us both, not just our mothers. 」

In his view, many cultural traditions are too limited, lack of integration, mothers are often expected to shoulder the overall responsibility of raising children, and fathers in the family domain is always absent. So from those netizens' messages, you can feel how the gender norms invisibly limit the mother's freedom, the father's obligations.

He argued that fathers should go into the family, such as the 2019 diaper ad, and called for the addition of diaper tables in men's public toilets in the future, making it easier for dads to change diapers for their children. (Extended reading: Give me a chance to be a good dad!) John Legend: Changing diapers shouldn't just be mom's job)

Someone once asked John Legend: Did you become a feminist because you had a daughter?

On refinery29, John Legend denied it and asked: "I've always questioned the phrase "it's a feminist to have a daughter." You don't need to have gay children to support gay marriage. I think when you have enough empathy, you don't need someone to be a family member to know their value. I consider myself a feminist, and I think so before marriage. Having a daughter may reinforce faith, but that's not the only reason I care about women's rights. 」

The Legend of John lets us know that you can be a feminist, and that mother, wife, daughter are not the only reasons you support it, but because we all believe that feminism is human rights, and that when men choose to support women's rights, they support men as they are themselves.