If you love Sheldon, the spirit of the gurching genius in "The Man in the House," you might want to know Jim Parsons better.

"People cry because they're sad, but in my case, I cry because other people are stupid, and i'm sad that other people are stupid. 」
"I'm not crazy, my mother took me to check when I was a kid. 」
"It's confusing for people to pursue another person all their lives. Maybe because I'm an interesting person, I don't need someone else to be with me. So, I hope you will be happy with each other, just as I find happiness in myself. 」

These Sheldon's conceited and forthright lines in "Houseboy Can't Do It", if not played by Jim Parsons, i'm afraid they just want to punch. If you love Sheldon, the genius of the ancient spirit, you might want to know Jim Parsons better. (Though he has repeatedly responded to fans, his IQ is definitely not as high as Sheldon's)

Jim Parsons, 46, is a well-known American actor who won best actor at the 68th Golden Globe award and best actor in the 66th Emmy Awards comedy category for "Houseboy No," and was also a gay man who married his long-distance producer boyfriend of 14 years, Todd Spiewatch, in May 2017.

Tough affirmative issues, let the drama deal with

Jim Parsons, who focuses on gender equality and has never shied away from talking about his ideas for gay rights and women's rights, rarely advocates through participation because, as an actor, he chooses to deal with difficult and controversial social issues through drama.

In January 2017, he played Paul Staver, a white chief engineer in the film "The Key Minority," a white-listed man who described the typical white male in the 1950s, and in the film he tried to stop African-American scientist Catherine Johnson from participating in the program, fearing that women would lose their jobs and that women were smarter than himself. threatened his future.

Jim Parsons once revealed that he was surprised when he first read the script because it wasn't clear about the three women' stories, and when he learned about what he should look like in the film. "There are three things that are still relevant to us today, one is the exploration of outer space by all mankind, the other is the struggle for civil rights and the third is gender equity," he said. 」

And in March of the same year,Business Insider reported on the pay of the Cast Of The Bachelor, and five of the show's original members agreed to reduce the pay for each episode in order to get the two actresses who were later added, Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik, to increase their pay for the show.

Jim Parsons chose to act directly to show his concern for gender and race, so after 2018's "House of Cards" announced to fans that the final episode would air in May 2019, we saw Jim Parsons and his partner active in the show.

It's not so much a call to say that the cabinet is that love makes us act

In 2018, Jim Parsons joins his partner Todd Spiewak in the film "A Kid Like Jake", in which he plays a father who must face his son's feminine sex with his wife.

Why choose to deal with the issue of gender fluidity flow? Jim Parsons responds in Entertainment Weekly that the film deals with the more controversial topics of society from the perspective of three adults, and viewers can see that, in fact, whether it's gender fluidity or transgender issues, it's about how adults respond to the child, and they want to give their children the best choice they feel: "When you need to face problems with your child, I think it can feel lonely and scared." If the film can help people understand, or let those who don't have children imagine how to deal with these issues in the future. 」

'The movie is not about pointing out the answers for everyone, it's about starting a journey where you can ask stupid questions, you can try and fall, but the important thing is that you try to understand, to understand the complexity, diversity, and uniqueness of the individual,' he said.

Jim Parsons, who always holds a good faith in the world and doesn't often talk about his partnership, was asked by the media after his appearance that his statement was intended as a call to encourage more people to speak out about their sexuality.

He's in E! Online responded: "I've never thought of myself as an advocate, I didn't see my relationship with Todd as a call to action. More simply, it's an action born of love, a regular and boring life like a cup of coffee in the morning, going to work, washing clothes, and taking care of a dog. 」

Jim Parsons portrays another form of male freedom, without having to stand on stage and advocate for gender parity, but his actions have made it clearer that a peaceful future requires everyone's participation and day-to-day involvement.