A male netizen on Dcard said he often did something about his girlfriend and was unhappy with her "unbedod" response. And it is surprising that his vibration with words, actually attracted a large number of netizens praise and support. In this way, we also re-examine the omnipresent misogyny culture, and healthier societies, why men and women should unite rather than attack each other.

On March 13, 2020, A post by Dcard entitled "Will the courage to grow older for a long time" caused controversy. The anonymous post was made by a male netizen who said he had told him self-control before he interacted with his girlfriend that he had been in poor mood, and that he had repeatedly violated his anger after he had expressed his acceptance, so he began to commit physical violence against his girlfriend:

"The other day she came through menstruation, and she asked me to go out shopping, and I refused because the card didn't go, so she broke me over there and I punched her in the face when I was upset. 」

"At this time she did not speak as silently as before, but covered her nose hysterically crying, I want to say because together for a long time, she had the courage to grow big?" Then I took something and threw it at her before she calmed down. 」

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The male netizen Zhen Zhen has a word of the message, triggered a total of 174 messages. Some condemned the violence, saying it was "broken and informed by the police" and others considered it a fantasy to build self-esteem. But what is more interesting is that many messages have echoed that the man's behavior is "real man":

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Just an anti-trump? These words have become a threat to women online.

The day after the incident (3/13), the original text has been deleted, searching for the original title, will see the opposite of "girlfriend to the boyfriend of violence" cut. Character movements, words, incidents have not changed, the only change is the exchange of roles between male and female students.

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The author said that he deliberately did the role swap operation, and wanted to put forward a discussion - is it possible that the original po is actually a victim, but too wronged, so to use this to vent his emotions? In addition, he believes that the outrage disreputing of "violence against women" should also be paid attention to violence regardless of gender. Violence is unhealthy, no matter who or what form it takes.

It's just that, whether or not the original author is anti-string ingress and what the truth of the incident is, we are more concerned today with the message below:

"Hit well, break the hemp should play"
"Your girlfriend is the old appliance will hit
good" "next time you can hit
"pregnancy immediately put her abortion"
"girls do not hit abalone are stinky"
"Sow is owed flat all catch to do Lu meat rice"

Even male netizens wrote anonymously that he fully agreed with the owner's approach, saying that "the low divorce rate and fertility rate are now because men are too weak and do not manage women well". A post accidentally led to a misogyny, and we saw at least two problems here. First, these statements acquiesce in the pattern of interaction in heterosexual relationships between men and women, who are responsible for low fertility rates, and second, violence is the most direct and effective practice under the premise of discipline. So these statements build a world of male violence authority, threatening women, whether they are fantasized or actually violent.

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Will misogyny and violence make our society better?

In these netizens' statements, the words "Taiwanese", "skunk" and "sow" have been repeatedly used to reinforce the debasement of women, and to display their anger and authority through various violent languages, which may show the rising anxiety about women's rights and the intention to defend the patriarchy system.

Looking back, we've talked about the pervasive misogyny in society, and after the rise of the Internet age, there has been a more blatant rhetorical focus on sexual violence, physical humiliation, and so on:

"Too ugly too fat is a sow, can't catch up is a sow, sex conservative is a sow, sex is open is a sow, go out to eat not AA is a sow, princess disease is a sow, CCR is a sow, love money is a sow ... The definition of a sow is a mountain bag, and more importantly, a sow is a person who has the power to define what a sow is: I say you are a sow, you are a sow. - Ms. Yu Zhenyi

Wang Xiaodan, editor-in-chief of "This Is Love, and Weary Woman", also mentioned that "misogyny" is an intuitive response to the "inequality of women and men" and "the denial of male rights", and stressed that "the story of misogyny is in fact a collective anxiety". (Extended reading: "I say you are asow, you are a sow" era, weary women are still everywhere)

In addition to online verbal attacks, men who feel their rights are threatened may also turn emotions into physical violence to vent their inner discontent and self-esteem. We have also discussed the endless violence, and we have also discussed that misogyny is often shaped by the whole society, and that we really cannot improve immediately, but rather need to make long-term appeals and try to do emotional and gender education before greater harm occurs.

In this event, whether the message sending or leaving a message or not is a joke or a fantasy, it has shown malice and constitutes verbal violence; Male opponents are not women, because your low self-esteem is not caused by women, but patriarchal culture; And before we arrive, we need each and every one of you, of all genders, to begin to pay attention to inequality and to show solidarity.