Dai Zhiying, who beat China's Chen Yufei in the All England FeatherS Open to win her third title at the British Open, will return to the top of the table.

According to the Central News Agency , in the early hours of 3/16 Taiwan time , featherweight player Dai Ziying beat China's Chen Yufei in the women's singles final of the Super 1000 Series All England Featherball Open to win the third title of the British Open and will return to the post-ball crown . Wuhan pneumonia outbreak, Dai Zhiying also said on the IG: "Walking on the road is treated with all kinds of unkind attitude, but I believe this is also the best way to protect themselves." After returning home, i can't practice for the first 14 days and stay at home and can't go out, so you can protect our own home. 」

Dai Zhiying after the game in an interview with reporters, said he is very happy to play in such an environment, but also thank all the fans and friends for their support.

Photo: Dazhi Image Courtesy (AP)

From the third grade of primary school began to contact the feather ball, 15 years old into the international competition, along the way, gradually for the Taiwanese, the world to see. Now 25- Dai Zhiying, who has long been reluctant to call herself a talented girl, believes that all the results are gritted and struggling to get it.

Life only once, can not let oneself leave regret.

There are no eternal winners on the battlefield, only people who keep working hard, and I'll cheer, and I haven't forgotten the 99% encouragement.

We see in Dai Ziying's unremitting perseverance, at the same time, we also see two kinds of courage: one is that she dares to give up, and the other is that she dares to speak out.

When Taiwan hosted the World Games in Scotland in 2017 and crashed into the annual World Championships, when she gave up her possible points, millions in prize money and stayed in Taiwan for the World Games, she said the world should see Taiwan:

My goal today is not just to play first and second in Taiwan, but to make Taiwan visible internationally. It's a beautiful thing that I think it's nice to see Taiwan by the world.

We are Taiwanese with unlimited potential, as long as we come together, there will be infinite hope

Dai lets us know that we should believe in ourselves, no matter how noisy the outside world is, but when you have a microphone, you should be unafraid to point things up and ask for improvement. In 2018, she posted on Facebook that the team had insufficient training space, but had not been able to solve the problem:

"I'm a man who has a place to practice, but why am I here to tell you about it?" I just want everyone to understand that the national team can really be better. We all want every team to have good results, but before we are asked to have good results, can you give us enough space to practice? 」

As an athlete, she knows better than anyone, winning or losing doesn't mean everything in life - you can't guarantee that every ending will be as good as you want, and that a truly brave person is willing to accept his own failure and vulnerability. In September 2018, Dai Ziying lost to China's Gao Weijie in the China Feather Ball Open in the Super 1000, and many media outlets described Dai As the result of the tournament as "cold knockout".

However, she later posted on Facebook:

Even when it comes to being number one, you still have to learn to feel like losing, because that's the process to taste the fruits of victory.

Win or lose is the normal career of athletes, how to adjust themselves to come again, is the most important, I do not need to explain for themselves more, understand people will naturally understand.

Face all the ups and downs, admit that she has a less windy moment, and she does not need to explain to others, just have to account for themselves, in Dai Ziying, we see courage has more appearance. We all love her, and we are eager to draw the same positive energy from her, hoping that these six sentences of Dai Zhiying's brave quotes can allow us to each of us to regain their strength.