What is the longest thing a child can remember? Experts say that's often the moment when they feel loved, or most in need. And your words or two will change the way they look at themselves and how tough they are to face the dilemma.

Do you feel that some fragments of childhood, you still remember, some may be just two or three years old dental language stage, you are a little surprised about this. But when you think about it, these memories come from it. Because what you still can't forget is often not the event itself, but the feeling that the present brings you. For example, feelings of loneliness, abandonment, anger, or happiness, hope, etc.

Krystine Batcho, a professor who studies "Memory" in Psychology Today, is discussing "What will your child remember about you?" The topic sits when shared, will be the child feel profound memories, often with important emotional links. For example, a young man recalls watching the World Cup with his father when he was 8 years old, and despite the team they supported losing, he described "never having such a happy night". Because in the present moment, he felt a deep relationship between himself and his father.

In that memory, the child felt "I am important", "I am valued by you", "I have me in your heart". And how important is it for children to feel loved?

Krystine Batcho believes that these feelings will affect children's perception of self-worth and the way they see the world as they grow up; He also mentions that even if you can express your feelings through action, if you can speak "I love you" or "I'm proud of you" today, it will be one of the most powerful and rememberable memories in your child's heart.

So how do you make your child feel like they care through words? We refer to life and parenting sites such asBabaMail,Ourfamilyworld,bouncebackparenting,and list 40 words that will make your child feel loved:

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1. You make me feel proud of you every day

2. I'm happy to be your father and mother

3. You don't need to be a perfect person

4. I believe you

5. Without you, the family would no longer be complete

6. The days I spent with you made me happy

7. I support the decision you want to make

8. It's important to me to hear what you think about it

9. I know you've done your best

10. I'm interested in what you want to say

11. I like to see the world through your eyes

12. This is a good question!

13. Your friends are lucky to know you

14. I'm learning something new from you every day

15. No matter who you are or who you want to be, I will accept you

16. You made me a better person

17. Your idea is great, don't be afraid, say it out loud

18. Never stop this curiosity

19. Your body is your own, you have a say in your body

20. I feel very happy to see you happy

21. I think this is a wise choice

22. I like the way you look creative

23. You help eda do a lot, you let me grow

24. You can make more positive changes to what you choose

25. Even if you don't succeed, your approach is still correct

26. Sometimes it is possible to feel depressed, sad or afraid

27. This is a very brave thing to do

28. You can do anything

29. I don't know what to do without you

30. It's a pleasure to go out with you

31. Not everyone will like you, but it doesn't matter

32. Of course, we can try your suggestions and methods

33. Don't worry, I can see

34. No, you're not bothering me.

35. Sometimes it's okay to say "no"

36. Sometimes it's okay to do something stupid

37. Even if I don't agree with what you say, I can understand you

38. I feel like you're becoming more mature every day

39. Don't be shy about crying

40. I will never stop loving you

Start praising your children! The principle sin of these words is to express trust, support, and tolerance, and to build their inner security and feelings of being loved, and to enhance their relationship. Perhaps in the past, no one said these words to you, your inner desire, will also be transformed into more love, to give you now home.