The Korean drama "Pear Thai Academy Class" has been hotly discussed since it was launched! The play reflects the social problems of Korea through characters such as more biological, transsexual, anti-social personality and non-Korean mixed race that are not accepted by existing values. And their will to fight inequality has repeatedly infected you in front of the screen. Perhaps, under this "normal" society, we are somewhat "abnormal".

Photo : "Pear Tai House Class"

Since the Korean drama "Pear Thai Class" opened on Netflix, it has sparked a heated debate among netizens, and this week it will be a wonderful end. And you can quickly notice the "special" settings in the play - from more biological, transsexual, antisocial personality to non-Korean mixed-race, who are not accepted by traditional Korean society - and around the "Sweet Chestnut" in a bistro run by the hero Park Se-joon.

It's like deliberately arranging these very distinctive characters, and you're going to take you step by step, and there's a social problem behind every character story. From campus bullying, collusion between officials and businessmen, unequal rights to the rich and the poor, racial discrimination to sexism, and so on, the imbalance, the consonance of your feelings in front of the screen - so that you don't belong to those characters, but you may have been in that position.

Thus, the play "accommodates" these characters in the tavern, at first unattended, not popular, as if to suggest that a group of people can not be considered "normal", can only wait for the survival of the social system of the fittest abandoned. But in the end, they relied on this specialized label to find a more precise point of force.

Photo : "Pear Tai House Class"

And the wonderful thing about "Pear's House Class" is that you see whoever you are, if you are bullied, you have a chance to resist; Looking back at what the three characters said in the play, and their stories, to you who once, more or less, felt they were out of touch with society:

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"Life is a series of choices that lead you toward the result of being consistent with your values, which is called a good choice or the right choice." 」

The heroine, Zhao Yirui (Jin Domei), is a brilliant, versatile girl. After going to a prestigious school and then working for a big business, her mother had hoped for her, which traditionally defined "success." However, this one-time can see the end of the life for her, in fact, is very boring.

Having the talent that others don't have can be a victory group of life that others want to wear, but she is not partial. So what does she want? After meeting Park, she said she would work hard for the love she loved in the coming days. And when she thought about it, she re-emerged as a shock to the world and the motivation to continue to live.

Photo : "Pear Tai House Class"

Photo : "Pear Tai House Class"

And looking back on our lives, whether it's love today, have you found the life goal that makes you move and feel selves-worth? Zhao Yirui's actions and words remind us that "success" or "normal" as defined by others can really have nothing to do with you. Famous schools are obsessed, poor, or rich, and while you follow these visions, you may be able to first examine what you fear behind them.

And only after you truly identify with your life and who you are will you get the so-called best choice.

"You've done nothing wrong, you don't have to run away; it's not important that you have to bear someone else's eyes, and you don't have to convince anyone who you are." 」

The play's transgender person, Ma Xianli (Li Zhuying), performs a transsexual operation to follow his identity. However, the comfortable identity that she can embrace in the tavern is not necessarily universally accepted.

On the eve of her "transgender" status, she lost her confidence and tried to escape for fear of being in the limelight. But at this point Park said to her, You have done nothing wrong, and you don't need to convince anyone who you are, and in the end, she also plucked up the courage to stand on the studio stage and say, "I'm Sweet Night Chef Ma Hyun-li, I'm transgender." And today, I will win the championship. 」

Photo : "Pear Tai House Class"

And in the end it was not that she was going to change anyone's eyes, but that she changed the way she looked at herself. Like the poem that rang out in the background as she stepped into the studio said:

"I am a stone, burn me, I am a proud standing stone, whipping me violently, I am an indestructible stone, i imprisoned me in the endless darkness, I am a self-shining stone, I will not be torn apart, not to ashes, or even reject all laws of nature." 」

"I am, I am a diamond. 」

What is the so-called law of nature? Pub employee Cui Shengquan (Liu Qingxiu) once said: "Born as a man is a man, born a woman is a woman, this is the law of nature, is natural, is natural, but do you know what Ma Xianli is like?" She, ah, is to put those things of course behind, only do what they want to do, she ah, is the world's strongest woman. 」

The only natural rule is that when you cherish yourself, no one can really hurt you.

Photo : "Pear Tai House Class"

"Even though I was born with nothing, I wanted to have a lot of things. 」

Finally, we have to pull our eyes back to the soul character of the play, the hero Park Shilu body. Without a few episodes at the beginning of the episode, you'll see the man lose everything at once. After being dropped out of school, his father dying, and in prison for years, he seemed to have been made a big joke by God, completely on the edge of a society with no resources or emotional support.

And this character's character is also very clear, against the simple chestnut head, from the end to believe the same thing, no matter how the outside change will not yield the decision;

And so face the way of life, Park Shilu's gas can be pulled much longer?

Photo : "Pear Tai House Class"

Just when you can't see him struggling, from his own from the tavern to set up a large company, feel life, adhere to the road number seems useful at the same time, the script has thrown a shock bomb.

So, you don't know whether he will succeed, but all the way to the drama to this, you are not just despair. Because the implication that this character makes you feel is that the disaster of life will come back, but as long as you don't want to be at your mercy, you don't accept the law, you continue to demand and desire the world;

You can't choose what fate gives you, but you can choose to live in whatever position;

The "Pear Thai Academy Class" deliberately accommodates all kinds of "different" people, and also points out that a society exists the importance of pluralism and integration. Everyone here can find their place, every effort to survive you, there is the possibility of being understood. The so-called freedom, whether it is other, or whoever you are, has a precious opportunity to be heard or seen.

Photo : "Pear Tai House Class"