At the same time, the epidemic spread, economic turmoil, we also look at the other way, perhaps also give the earth breathing space, began to reflect, our so-called progress, for the environment is not anti-retrogressive steps and disaster?

I think far from working from home on the first day. Brush your teeth, tie up your hair, say good morning at the Slack group, and get ready to go to work. Taiwan this week confirmed a hundred, not only Chen Shizhong headache, enterprises and individuals also began to think about the strain, the next two weeks is the key to epidemic prevention, we prepared ahead of time, began a week of home work practice. (Of course, good morning or not)

Slip mobile phone, news monitoring, the current global epidemic real-time pulsation, 242,721 confirmed cases, 9,869 deaths, the fatality rate of 4%. 4% isn't just a number, it's probably a family split, and up to my deadline, it's not just going up.

Recall ingening British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's speech on the 12th last week: "We are facing the worst public health crisis of our generation and more people will die." (Britain was facing the "worst public health crisis for a generation" and that "many more" people will die.)"

People laugh at the British Buddhist epidemic prevention, while vaguely feeling that the sense of death is very close, more families will be loved ones in advance, this day will come, just did not expect to come so soon.

Seeing a news story, "The world's major countries have adopted social isolation measures to prevent the epidemic, and the reduction of human activity is likely to plunge the economy into recession, but it gives the planet an unexpected respite." Earth's wheezing means unprecedented calm and cleanliness, NASA scientists say, based on satellite data, are a sight they have never seen before. More than 30 friends shared, unanimously praised - from the perspective, the disaster of human society, is to give the earth breathing space, civilized society bowed to reverence, began to reflect, our so-called progress, for the environment is not a retrograde step and disaster?

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

The author arraigned, next week we biweekly reading circle activities how to do? Looking at the development of epidemic prevention in Taiwan, we discuss or extend it, although i really do not know, this extension will be extended to when. And a week later, we also discussed the development of the epidemic and decided to suspend our annual Global Women's Impact Forum in March. Now it seems that, although it was time to raise the crisis awareness, early deployment, but to see the current global epidemic of the state, or would rather we were then, is over-reacting.

Look at today's date, 3/20, which is said to be International Happiness Day. The 66th United Nations General Assembly, which designates 20 March each year as the International Day of Happiness, states that "the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental goal of human beings, and happiness and well-being are universal goals and aspirations in human life worldwide, and it is important to recognize them in public policy objectives." Happiness is probably like this, far from the first day of work, friends arraigned, said you began to work far away from home, the response is good real-time, real happiness ah. Happiness, probably peace, know that you are healthy, someone supports your health.

Say to go, perhaps your anxiety, I actually have, you want happiness, I actually do the same. Why go to the Toco room to say, we clock out together to report a peace, love each other to go, expand this can actually be a lovely day.