If you're about to start trying to work from home, four ways to share it with you, stay focused and productive at home.

The outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19/Wuhan pneumonia) continues to burn around the world, with 100 cases confirmed in Taiwan at 3/18. At present, the government and health care units are also continuing efforts to minimize the damage of this wave of the virus. Many enterprises, in order to reduce unnecessary contact, reduce risk, have recently begun to try to work remotely, women fans also began this Friday (3/20) to start a long-distance work experiment.

It is a challenge for most people to believe that working from home from a far away can be very challenging. Although it is necessary to reduce traffic and to be able to devote more time to work, you must overcome communication problems, environmental problems, or stay with your family often disturbed.

If you're about to start trying to work from home, four ways to share it with you, stay focused and productive at home.

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In fact, change home clothes, work more effectively

"Sitting in front of a computer, why is your head blank?" 」

Working from home from a far distance, the most common situation is that it's hard to get into a focused "work mode" where you can immediately focus on upcoming meetings or work projects as soon as you get into the company. But working far away from home is short of peers, and you often feel like you're still resting. At this point, you can create a daily action to "turn on work mode", such as making a cup of coffee, reading the news of the day, checking e-mail, or taking off your home clothes, changing into outings, dressing up, grooming your hair, and so on, to make your body feel like "I'm ready."

If you live with your family, first state your work hours, define their work hours, and ask them not to disturb them during this time. Sometimes family members will feel that since you are at home, you should be able to spend more time tidying up the housework, or temporarily ask you to help get a package and so on, so it is recommended that you be able to communicate with your family before doing remote work (after all, it is the location of working far away, not a holiday), let them know when you are in work mode, Reduce unnecessary interference.

Plan your work today, eat at noon, catch your breath, and also take a breath.

Maintaining productivity is also a challenge. You may find that it usually takes only 10 minutes to get back to the email, which takes half an hour to get back, and just wants to browse today's news, but accidentally spends 20 minutes on Facebook and IG. God, today's work projects have not yet begun!

It is recommended to plan ahead for today's project, the project is time-consuming, if you can, modeled on the trip at work in the company, such as a few replies e-mail, a few days to prepare for the meeting lunch time, also don't forget to put in. If you are usually at the company, will reserve 5-10 minutes of breathing time for yourself, please write on the itinerary to remind yourself not to forget to catch your breath (really, really important!). Working from home is easy to ignore, but a proper break can keep you productive before you get back to your computer (extended reading: You should work on the tomato clock: focus and rest to be productive)

Set your personal status online and don't feel lonely

Make the most of online tools and interact with partners who need to collaborate. It is important to keep in touch with the flow of contact for working from home from a far away. Sometimes you can set yourself a time when you're working at home and accidentally into your own little universe, such as confirming a group message every 30 minutes, or turning on a bell notification so that you can easily find it.

In addition, you can also use online tools to let people know their current work status, such as women fans because of the use of slack as a communication tool, so often use the status bar, so that partners know their current work status, suitable for private communications to each other.

It's important to explain the status of your work in this way, not only to share information and work-related information online in real time, but also to provide emotional support. Usually in the company can be three or five times with colleagues to joke, chat, sometimes at home work feel lonely, can also spread a meme to colleagues smile, even if everyone works in different places, can still have emotional contact ah.

It's all at home, and i'm going to eat better.

Long from home work, often careless, put themselves locked in the home all day, thinking that the home has bubble noodles casually eat, the cabinet has snacks can also eat two mouthfuls at any time;

Working from home from a distance pay special attention to the physical condition, from sitting posture to diet one by one review: you can take the opportunity to buy a comfortable chair for yourself, replace the table is not good enough; If you have a yoga mat in your home, it's highly recommended to focus on working for an hour or two and take 5-10 minutes of simple yoga to help you boost your spirits and stay healthy.

After all, to resist the virus, the most fundamental is to improve immunity to start! (Extended reading: Modern man's practice snr body yoga, unleashing a year of stress and fear)

Finally, I would like to recommend that if you are working from home alone, you can open your "long-distance home-working music list" or search on YouTube for white noise and Coffee Shop (also recommended to search for "Coffee Shop" "Some people have the sound of a coffee machine, perfect for people who don't want to stay in noisy environments, but are too quiet and unfocused"

Working from home from a distance is an interesting exploration process, and everyone can design the way they work best for them. What's the way you can increase your concentration? Welcome to discuss with us at IG!