From South Korea's Room N to Taiwan's intimate nude photos, we have seen time and again how society materializes women's bodies and exploits women's physical autonomy.

Recently, South Korean police cracked a cyber crime incident "Room N", triggering 2 million netizens to petition Qinghuatai to disclose the identity of the perpetrators. South Korean police on Friday arrested a 20-year-old man suspected of using the messaging software Telegram to sexually exploit and distribute videos of female sexual abuse, including 16 underage girls, the Korea Herald reported.

South Korean women have come out in solidarity and protest against calls for public ownership. Photo: Dazhi Image s/supplies

Sexually assaulted and abused women's bodies, videos are sold to online chat rooms

The 20-year-old, who became known online as "Doctor" and used the "public money" to further blackmail the women for taking pornographic and sexually abusing images, including sexually assaulting underage girls, putting larvae into women's bodies, and asking women to be engraved on their bodies. Uncomfortable images such as the word "slave" are used by the suspects in telegram's private chat rooms, which are graded to users who want to watch.

According to the Korea Herald, police said some chat rooms had as many as 10,000 viewers, along with other chat rooms of the same nature, which may have accumulated more than 200,000. Police have so far arrested 13 suspects and are tracking down users in chat rooms.

"I don't want the people I love, living in such a horrible world" celebrities have petitioned

After the outbreak of the incident, 2 million netizens signed a petition calling for the identity of the man to be made public, and Han Xing, such as Xia Yuxiu, Zhao Quan, Hui Li, Wen Jiaxuan, Sun Xiuxian and others, called for severe punishment of the perpetrators.

Actor Sun Xiuxian said on ig: "Please punish criminals severely." If i had to go to jail for only a few years to do this immoral behavior, I would never have to bear it. Be sure to make their identities known, shame participants, and make them never return to society. Singer Ravi captioned the image, saying: 'I don't want the people I love to live in such a terrible world. 」

However, as the news spread rapidly, according to ETtoday, netizens who had seen the film asked online whether they had written off their members and deleted Telegram, and whether they would be caught downloading the film.

On March 23, South Korean President Moon Kyo-abe ordered a thorough investigation into all relevant perpetrators, including all those involved in the chat room, and, if necessary, to form an investigation team.

When we say "South Korea is not unexpected", is Taiwan better?

Looking back at Taiwan from South Korea, when we asked South Korea what women's rights are, said South Korea is not surprising, Taiwan is really better?

On March 21, a Facebook post called a friend a "hundred-person beheading" to share nude photos of women they had collected in the past, so that people could leave messages about obtaining nude photos. It is not known whether the news is true, however, we really should pay attention to, the next thousand netizens message "1", "card bit", from South Korea's N room to Taiwan's non-consensual dissemination of other people's intimate images of sexual ity, we have repeatedly seen the society for the female single-sex physical exploitation, for women's physical autonomy and rights of the disregard and connivance, And it's not just the producers, watching users also support such a system, ignoring the fact that this is a single-sex crime.

Picture - This is a screenshot, and each is a blur.

When news emerged in Taiwan of distributing intimate images of other people's sexuality without consent, it was still clear that many people turned to criticizing the victims, believing that it was because the girls themselves were "not enough" and "not self-love" to harm their own private images. What's even more frightening, however, is that the message slots on the words "beg for a movie" and "ask seeking private photos", and they turn around for download, lashing out at the girls who accidentally spill the film out: "Who told you to record this kind of film?" 」

The media mostly used "260,000 users involved" to report the N room incident, whether the number is true, still to be investigated and clarified by the South Korean police, but what can we see from this huge number? This case of cybercrime reflects the social structural problem of sexual violence, the person who recorded the film is the perpetrator, while the person who disregards the rights and interests of women, transfer and download, is also an accomplice - collective neglect and silence, is to promote social oppression of women's bodies, and encourage the continuation of such crimes.

Women should stand in solidarity, men should stand up for women, and we can take the following three actions together

  1. If you care, pass on the news, regardless of gender, to speak together.
  2. Start by yourself and advocate for the people around you. If someone around you wants to download a movie, stop him and refuse to transfer and download various images that harm women's physical rights.
  3. If you need it, contact the relevant gender assistance unit (Gender Service Chest) to work together to stop the recurrence of gender-based violence.