In March 2020, South Korean police uncovered a large number of cybercrime cases. At least 74 of the victims, 16 of whom were underage girls, were found to have been taken hostage to film sexual abuse and were shown to paid members in Telegram's "Room N". So what is the current state of sexual violence in our network and children in Taiwan? What can you start to do to be anxious about these reports of sexual violence?

Starting March 20, 2020, the Telegram "Room N" incident became the headliner of Naver, South Korea's largest search portal. According to the South Korean Herald , South Korean police recently uncovered a case of online sexual exploitation in which suspects lured women into making sex films , then created eight chat groups in Telegram under the name "Room N " , and to join the group they had to pay to watch the film , which cost about NT$600 to $36,000 .

Police said the sex crime involved at least 74 women, 16 of whom were underage girls, between December 2018 and early March 2020; As soon as the news caused the South Korean public to go down , it quickly launched a joint campaign in the "Tsingwatai National Petition Edition " , asking the government to make public the suspect's data and photographs and the full membership list of room n , and the two proposals now total more than 3 million co-signatures . (Extended reading:"They were forced to carve the word slave" South Korea N room trafficking sex abuse film, 2 million people outraged to sign a protest)

And what is the connection between this incident and us in Taiwan? What is the current situation of Taiwan's network and child sexual exploitation at the same time as Taiwan's network swells "South Korea is not surprised" and "a country of misogyny and sexual crimes"? And what else can we do when you are angry and anxious about these messages?

Take a trip to "Room N" to uncover the horrors of the room

According to a "Korean N Room Reporter's Full Translation" article on the Phoenix Angel TSKS weibo account, the "Room N" incident was first conducted by two journalists in their 20s who spent half a year digging deep, and finally gathered enough evidence to provide the police with the investigation. This article translates the story that the lurker saw in Telegram's "Room N" during the six-month period.

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First of all, the reporter recorded that to enter the "N room" actually needs a lot of checkpoints, you have to enter the "derivative room" first, and then through "upload all their own obscene material sins or participate in sexual harassment dialogue" to avoid being forced to withdraw: "there are more than 3000 obscene pornographic messages inside." Although there are also commercial pornographic films, most of them are illegal photographs such as child rape images,......, and illegal photographs taken directly are highly sought after and are tickets to Room N. 」

"Room N and the rooms before it are not a level,......, reporters have seen the children barking like dogs, and the children lying naked in the men's restroom, staring at the camera to film masturbating is the most basic, each film will reveal sexual organs. 」

"The game in Room N is not limited to cyber sexual abuse, they also take slaves offline,......, a girl who looks like a middle school student is locked up in a room where an adult man enters and rapes the girl, and the video is shared in real time. The chat room cheered and said, "This is packing your pet." 」

The reporter also pointed out that the victims were helpless because they had long been subjected to coercion by the perpetrators. The perpetrator will first send a message to the highly popular underage on Twitter, then pose as a police officer to intimidate "you have received a report of posting, please enter the personal message in the link you send and investigate" before requesting "identity verification," Want to send a picture of the face can be seen, including the requirement son-in-body or naked photos, so that the victim step by step can be "slave."

During the incubation period, the reporter also found the "real demon room" - "Doctor" operating room. "Doctor" is mainly used as bait to obtain personal information from victims in the name of signing up, and children are also generally surprised that "high incomeises are earned only by ordinary photos". But when you get caught, it will be very difficult to reject the larger scale of demands.

He estimates that "Dr. " has three rooms, one of which will have to pay 1.5 million won to enter:

"There is a photograph of the "Doctor" asking all slaves to take, a picture of a "slave" engraved with a knife on his body, a "doctor" and so on, which is used to prove to his housekeeperthatthats that "I was indeed a slave made by me" ,......, especially liked the images of the hunts, He asked the girls to cover their underpants on their heads in the nude, or to flip their eyes and squint at the film like a disease, and they all stretched out their little fingers, a criminal symbol of the doctor's work. 」

Is South Korea far from Taiwan with "50% of the total number of child sex or indecent acts"?

After the news broke in Taiwan, netizens left messages saying "it's South Korea" and "Koreans are a lot of psychopaths", and believed that it was only a special case based on the local gender conservative culture in South Korea. "Room N" from criminal intent, the time of the crime to the method of conduct is indeed a person to blame, however, rather than directly dividing the unique geographical nature of the content of the crime, we should pay more attention to the case against "minor" objects and "cybercrime" means, also prevalent in Taiwan.

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According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare statistics, in 2017 the number of reported "Child and Adolescent Sexual Exploitation Prevention Ordinance" for the production of child sexual exploitation / sexual abuse images, the number of cases of all child sexual exploitation crime. According to the 2018 annual report of the Taiwan Wings Association's online whistleblowing hotline, which focuses on children's and young people's rights, they received a total of 10,305 whistleblowing cases in 2018, the highest number in five years, of which 469 were related to child sexual exploitation/abuse.

We can also continue to refer to Feng Media reports that "the large number of cases of child sexual exploitation in China in recent years has changed from having children underpaid for consensual sex or indecent acts in the past to making photographs or films of children having less sexual intercourse or indecent acts." Statistics for 2017 and 2018 show that out of 2,337 related cases nationwide, there were 1,127 cases of child sex or indecent assault, accounting for 48.2 percent of all cases. Of these, up to 66.4% of cases of child sexual exploitation were carried out through the Internet. (Extended reading:"The A-movie you see is the real sexual assault process" 350,000 people co-posted to close Pornhub)

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare statistics, the same use of abduction or money-spoofing, as well as the internet media of the easy access, underage and cybercrime quietly under the table. The Taiwan Association of Wings, which tracks specific adult sites during 2018, found that many perpetrators used child content to attract adult viewers to join the crime;

The Women's Aid Society has also set up a dedicated line for sexual privacy from 2015 to follow up on revenge cases, and in a 2017 survey found that up to 46% of 1138 respondents, 46% of men and 34% of women, had taken sexually private images with mutual intent or selfies; In addition, 7 per cent of female respondents were secretly filmed, 4 per cent had been intimidated by sexually intimate images, and in a social atmosphere of "condemning victims", 24 per cent of victims were afraid to report for fear of being found and had been in the throes of self-condemnation.

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What can you do if you are angry or anxious?

After receiving the information and understanding the status quo, we have to ask, so what can be done next?

First of all, we want to appeal to you to start focusing on and protecting personal network security. According to the pattern of internet pornography in South Korea and Taiwan, or more, they have been "induced" to obtain sexual images step by step to make it harder for victims to break free. Therefore, at the individual level, we can provide prudent funding in the use of the Internet and, if unfortunately, we encounter harassment and coercion by interested parties, please contact the police or local women's groups as soon as possible. Such as the Women's Aid Society.

Then, we are also concerned about the use of children's networks and the implementation of sex education. The Ministry of Education's Initiative for the Prevention and Control of Child Sexual Exploitation and Campus Revenge Porn Incidents, which focuses on secondary schools to universities, focuses on:

1. No matter who you are, it's a crime to steal and intimidate.
Second, the dissemination of private photos, will face criminal law and civil claims
Three, the secret film is not your fault, should be brave to ask for help
Four, when the net love into money extortion, screenshots retain evidence

And the following should be avoided by the use of the ding-dong network:

1. Never take pictures of others against their will
2. Never follow instructions from others to take private photos of selfies
3. Never rush to transmit video messages
4. Never forward any private image files
5. Don't make fun of or bully people whose intimate images are being drained

Finally, we also invite you to continue to follow the development of the "N Room" incident in South Korea with your gender. One way to avoid anxiety is to have enough information, but only if you don't exceed the weight you can afford psychologically every day.

You can also spread the right news information to the friends around you, and ask them to understand and care about this event. We acknowledge that gender is a long way off, but we'll find more strength to combat violent crime with more voices.