" In our own room, we never need to spend any effort to become someone else's eye.When he ended a day of rushing to return to his own small, warm room, did he find that the power of that mysterious force began to spread?It feels like returning to the happiness of the relaxed, relaxed, relaxed, and relaxed, and relaxed, and relaxed.

The room is just like this magical power, so that we can safely and completely do it ourselves.But what could the world's most beautiful woman look like in her room?The 2012 World Miss World Finals were held in China, and through the camera lens of the final cameraman The Old Song , we were lucky to see the beauty pageant of the beauty pageant in the hotel room.

Now, let's take a look at the ladies of the world who are not so beautiful!

In the room, the tireless Canary can kick off a whole day's high-heeled shoes.

The cleaners are careful to put their shoes together in a way that they are accustomed to.

Miss Guatemala likes to soar in the room.

When it comes to the end, more love takes a story.

There is a Welsh girl with a light-colored eye like a cat, shining through the window.

The Miss Uganda, who enjoys the time, loves pink.

In your own room, make yourself beautiful, as if we were able to feel the joy of Miss Guam in the lens.

Miss Malaysia (left) and Miss Vietnam (right) are good roommates, and are even more of their makeup and make-up.
It reminds people of the good times for girls to spend the night in their own room.

The private Miss Vietnam is the most favorite of the snacks!

Miss Tanzania, sitting on a soft carpet.

Miss Ireland is having a comfortable time in the room.

Because of the space in which he is completely trusting, Miss Albania is simply lying, full of charisma, at random.

Ciao?"Miss Italy, what kind of a date are we going to go tonight?"

Lying in your favorite clothes is also a happy one.

Miss Norway (left) elegans (left) elegance, originally from Miss Germany (right) to the end of the dress!

Miss Montenegro uses an eye shadow that can fit her healthy skin tone!

Miss England, who loves chocolate, also has a chocolate-like skin tone, and her healthy beauty is fascine with all Britons.

Ms. Uruguay, who is tidying and hairdressing, is a close roommate, as she is combing her hair's hair.

It is difficult not to give the lady Nicaragua a flat, even if it is made of an iron.

Try wearing high heels in the room is the most enjoin time for Miss Fiji.

The bundle of the sea is now a time for Miss Australia to talk to your own skin.

The bed is not messy, but is a loose bondage; in
room, there is no Miss World, and only the most authentic of the Carriers.

Whether it is a beauty queen or a regular little girl, as long as he returns to her room, we turn back to the lovely girl in her heart.In the private room of the world's ladies, can we also see the most liberal of ourselves?

Start creating a comfortable room for yourself, as a secret base for two of the girls in the center of the heart and the girls in the heart!

Enjoy your

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