Advancements in technology today make you feel new and new, and tomorrow you're going to be out of date.Let's take a look at the science and technology topics at the SXSW Carnival.

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In Austin, Texas, the annual U.S. South-South West Interact Carnival (SXSW, South by Southwest), through many forums and events, attracted a large number of social media entrepreneurs and investors, hoping to gain access to users and mainstream their products in the technology industry.The Twitter, which we know, first appeared in SXSW four years ago, immediately drew the attention of the participants.

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This year, Group Me, which provides the Group Wire service, indicates that they have sent 2,500 barbecue pits sandwiches within five days.GroupMe beat several social media with similar characteristics, including Beluga, recently purchased by Facebook, and won the event's innovative Digital Trend award.

At the same time, it also handled more than two million messages about SXSW a day, and it was a big blow to its traffic, and each sandwich brought about thousands of new users, which is really a good investment in investment!(Recommended reading: An economic upturn for housewives, Airbnb is pushing one )

The method of using group messaging is simple, one in the group, one group on the network or through a smartphone, and invite others to join.This group gets a number that belongs to the group, so long as it is sent to this unique number, it is sent to every person in the group's cell phone.

Even people who use the most basic traditional cell phone can be one of them.This approach has made it possible for those who have not yet caught up to the trend to use their mobile phones to send and receive mail (some of the GroupMe competitors are only available to iphone and Android phones).

This is a very convenient transition to the development of social networks.Other websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are essentially public (though users can limit who can see their messages).In fact, it also contains some kind of performance component.

The group news release is a step backward in the distribution of information, leaving more affinity and exclusiveness.In the case of Beluga, it requires users to sort their contact list into groups, with each group having its own list.

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All of this sounds very convenient, but how do you get it to be profitable?GroupMe raised $10.6 million in January, and is currently considering customizing the group for advertising.But users may not welcome the sudden jump of junk advertisements to interrupt their dinner plans.The question of appropriateness could also arise between friends.

A group communication is logical if it is made up of its constituent members (such as a team in a project) that can be divided by a group.But among friends, who will inevitably be able to join, who should be excluded from the dispute.

Even if there are such doubts, it is certain that the group communications in SXSW next year will become obsolete.(Extended reading: Wearing a shared economic era: When technology becomes a very hot thing )