The Polish poet Brenna Twohy re-enacted her poem Another Rape Song on stage in 2014, an angry and powerful indictment of society: to friends who complain edgtosabouts and sexual abuse of the world, The problem has never been in these reports and poems.

One after another, sexual assault, harassment, abuse occurred, and women are most afraid of the society become numb, think that women should be born to endure.

After the outbreak of the South Korean Room N incident, women fans made two consecutive related reports, one we dissected the truth in Room N, re-explore the issue of taiwan's child sex or lewd behavior, and one, we look at how Room N set off the anger and action of South Korean society, while contrasting with Taiwan's nude photos, how do we face the new state of online sexual violence.

There are many readers after reading the news, feel very painful, message asked: Why report these news? Why do these sexual violence be published on a continuous and repeated manner?

Perhaps this poem can answer you.

When you refuse to listen, the stories of sexual violence in this world sound similar

The Polish poet Brenna Twohy re-enacted her poem " Another rape poem" (Another Rape Songsong) on stage in 2014, an angry and powerful indictment of society: to friends who complain edicts and sexual abuse in the world, the problem has never been in these reports and poems.

To those on the scene who complain about listening to a rape poem.
To the guy in the back of the room to snr listening to the rhei to sane rap poem.

People ask me why.
It's going to take two years to write a poem.
Write a rape poem
I'll tell them everything about you.
When people ask me why
it took two years of the poems of writing
to write this poem
to write the rape poem,
I will tell them all about you.

You look at this stage.
It's like watching another CSI crime scene.
You already know what's going to happen next.
So on stage, it's just another broken body.
I'm just your pastime.
So you choose to order another drink.
How you watch this stage
the same way you watch CSI,
you already know what's coming next,
it's just man sgled body,
I am just hit and run,
so you take this time to get get another drink,
I'll tell them
When you stop listening
Every rape story sounds similar.
I'll tell them
How every story sounds the same
when you stop listening,
I know you're tired of hearing these rape poems
I'm tired, too.
It's like soldiers on the battlefield tired of hearing gunshots.
Believe me
We all want the war to end, but friends
You gaze at the world in vain and fall in the fire
Complaining that the dust is so dirty
But the problem is never these rape poems.
I know h you are tired of hearing rape poems.
I am tired of the rape poems,
the same day way soldiers are tired of hearing their own guns go off,
believe me,
We all-wwish the war was over, but friend,
You are staring out at a world on fire
How how how ugly think think the ashes are,
The poems are not the problem.

A woman, what should she be afraid of? Fear of being hurt on the road late at night, afraid of anyone pointing at you no matter how well you dress, afraid of every rape poem written by a woman, every report of sexual violence, you just read the beginning and you guessed the end.

Women are even more afraid, when she tries to tell their own story, society is numb not interested.

You're bored, but no one can take my story.

Think Gandhi's blistered feet.
Think of the crown made of thorns.
And your mother brought you into the world.
The process was never beautiful.
But it's the only way to build a house.
Think of's 'Gandhi ssmited,
think of that crown made of thorns
and the sweat on your mother's chest
as she pushed to get you,
the work is never pretty,
but it's only way the house gets built;
I'm sorry, you don't want to see a fragmented me, but
No matter how you stop me
can't stop me from building this house.
Because my mouth and my hand are my tools.
So I'm sorry sorry it you don't want to look at my wreckage, but
I have carpentry in my mouth.
I have a hammer in my hands,
You cannot stop me from building,
and as long as you're there,
in the back of the room,
so I'll stand here, yelling and making a sound, because this is my story
And no one can take my story.
I am going to be here,
voice made from smolder,
because this is my story
and you cannot take this
From me.

The process of watching a story can be painful and painful, but the way to stop the world from oppressing women is to continue to encourage women to speak, and we try to listen.

Telling stories allows survivors to regain their strength and the listener to be supportive. At the same time, we can also share to the women around, so that more women understand their rights and values, no longer by the world, no longer be hurt by others but silent, tell them: as women, you have great strength.

So, why do you think you keep reporting women's stories?