Understanding the benefits of morning yoga, why not start doing it now? Five recommended yoga videos for you who want to try morning yoga for 10-15 minutes a day!

Because of the new coronavirus (Covid-19, commonly known as Wuhan pneumonia) outbreak, many people began to work far away from home (work from home) days, less commute and makeup necessary, some people may begin to find that life more, fragmented time so that you can get up early to cook a serious breakfast, noon time to dry clothes, eat a full meal and some time to walk in a nearby park.

Despite the severity of the outbreak, but this day to reduce contact with people, more time to talk with themselves, you can no longer use busy as an excuse, so you can ask yourself again: I have a good treatment of the body? If I had more time to take care of myself now - would I be willing to act?

These worst days, and the best days, in addition to working from home, eating and sleeping well, may be able to try to use 10-15 minutes a day to build a healthier lifestyle through yoga.

We all know that yoga can increase your concentration, soothe anxiety and depression,and Positive Psychology points out that yoga can help you feel your posture, stand/sit straight, and boost your self-confidence. Do you know what good it is to do yoga in the morning?

  • Keeping you alive all day, it works better than drinking coffee
  • Allows you to reduce procrastination and be able to act on work matters
  • Help you stay positive and make better decisions for the rest of the day

Understanding the benefits of morning yoga, why not start doing it now? Five recommended yoga videos for you who want to try morning yoga for 10-15 minutes a day.

10-minute yoga that stretches the body: Yoga with Kassandra

Wake up, feel the shoulders and limbs tight, suitable for trying simple stretching yoga, with breathing, stretch the whole body.

11-minute yoga that wakes the brain: Yoga With Adriene

Get up in the morning, the brain is always faint, even after washing the face brush teeth also want to sleep? Then join the yoga teacher to restart the brain.

8 minutes yoga that turns emotions into positive: Alivia D'Andrea

A lot of external factors will determine how we live today, if you want to take back the lead, decide to be happy, you can with this yoga teaching guidance, thinking about how you want to live this day, make today more dynamic.

6 Minutes To Get You Out of Bed Yoga: Katie Yoga With With Katie

If you are easy to rely on the bed, you can try Katie's bed yoga, open your eyes, spend 6 minutes to stretch, as long as you hold on, you can also become an early riser!

10 minutes of yoga with natural contact: Boho Beautiful

Next if you are working from home, then take the opportunity to make contact with nature in the morning, if there is a small balcony in the home, or a small park nearby, you can consider moving the venue to do yoga outdoors. If you're shy about doing yoga outdoors, it's recommended that you open the window of your room and place a few pots of small plants so that you can make contact with nature and sunlight as much as possible, and feel better.

Maybe panicked because of the outbreak, because the work project interrupted and anxious, but this may also be a reminder to tell us to slow down, in doing yoga, take a good breath, to feel, to love, to enjoy, and ask yourself: how do I want to have a good day?

Then, thanks to your body, thanks this morning, with this wonderful, continuing into the routine, Namaste:)

If you're willing to take 10-15 minutes of yoga every day, I'm sure I'll find your dream life after the outbreak.