When i a child spoke to his parents without logic, they were very careful to listen to your childlike words; The little things these parents used to do for their children will keep them rememberforaally long. That's because these things, built in the language of love, are strong enough to understand that they deserve to be loved, and that there is a home waiting for you, no matter how difficult they are.

After having a child, watching him grow from dental learning to slowly growing up, also seems to accompany yourself through a childhood. In the first kindergarten, our mother was this mood; feel the moment of frustration, in fact, secretly longed for the parents can do; when children were not satisfied with the needs, will continue to follow us, some because of the stage of life and disappear, some as imprinted tightly embedded.

At the end of the day you'll understand that every mom and dad is not perfect, growing up is to accept your disappointment with them, and then you know you have the ability to re-satisfy yourself and give for others.

And at this point you might think, what can I do for my children in my daily life to make them feel like they're being cared? Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the study, says the five expressions of love for children include positive words, service behaviors, gift giving, high-quality time, and touch. Although every child is different, children will never forget how much they value as long as they can express your love in accordance with these principles.

Create a loving environment, like being hugged, fed, and dressed in warm clothes at any time. In the past we have mentioned "40 Words That Can Say to A Child" and the first reaction of parents to important moments in their lives will also have a profound impact on children. So if you're not good at speaking up or want more ways; we've listed 30 simple, simple, let's let your child know they're loved by home sites likeA Mother Far From Homeand Good HouseKeeping:

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1. Give them a hug and don't let go too soon

2. Read story books for them every day, one chapter a day, so that he can always look forward to tomorrow with you

3. Leave a note in the box you've prepared for him, which can be some words of encouragement

4. When your children are talking to you, look them in the eye

5. Start some fixed family traditions, such as a weekend movie night, or a dinner every Thursday

6. Make simple dishes together, such as baking cakes or cookies

7. Praise your partner in front of your child

8. Leave your child's learning achievements, such as paintings, medals, in a prominent place at home to show that you are proud of him

9. Find some time and spend all day with him

10. Create a gesture that you only know you can use when celebrating everyday little things

11. Quietly send cakes or balloons to school on their birthdays

12. Ask him if he wants to do anything, and then accompany him to finish

13. Give him a hug often if you can

14. Open some privileges to him at the appropriate age, to show your trust in him

15. Ask him to select a photo of the background of your phone, which can be your photo

16. It's enough to do something with him alone every day, even if it's only 10 minutes

17. Plan a family tour and let the children also propose the itinerary they want

18. Maybe they'll have some hand work for you at school. Start using it.

19. When they share jokes, you can say it's really funny

20. If your job can be done remotely, find some opportunities with your child, you work him to do his homework

21. When at home, try not to always use 3C products and focus more on each other

22. Ask him how the day is going and let him get used to sharing his life with peace of mind

23. Give them a dear little name and use it

24. Crafts with them

25. Build a humor code that you all understand and use it occasionally

26. Share with your child what you think is unique to him, and your favorite

27. Ask them what they are worried about and work with him to find a solution

28. Notice what they are trying to do and let him know that he can get support

29. Kiss their foreheads or cheeks if they wish

30. Pray with them and bless their future

Some of these proposals may be awkward for you, or they may need to be adjusted to each child's different characteristics.

But in any case, the essence of love is constant, and the focus is on making him feel valued, needed, and engaged, whether it's the space to express his opinion or the opportunity to work together on family matters. So, to create the little things that belong to your family! You can also list it and remind yourself every day that you know you're always there.