What do you think of working from home? Several Japanese employees who have returned home to work far away have come out to share the affections they have experienced in this experience.

Women fans fully implement the long distance at home work! Is your company working from home because of the outbreak? If there is, rent a house outside you, will want to figure a quiet to continue to stay in the rental room office, or return to your hometown, see the family not seen for a long time?

Recently, many Japanese companies have adopted a long-distance home-based work policy due to the outbreak of new corona pneumonia (Wuhan pneumonia). Many people feel relieved by the lack of trams and feel that the stress of their work is eased in an instant, while others are even more directly from big cities such as Tokyo, returning to their hometowns that they have not been able to return several times a year, escaping the city's pressing atmosphere, tasting the work environment they have never experienced before, and rethinking the warmth of affection.

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Back home, it's more efficient.

Employees of Japan's EC website Itsumo shared his experience of returning to Shizuoka during his time to work in Shizuoka Prefecture.

"When I came back to my hometown to deal with the housework, It was after the company set up a system of working from home. Since the company has been encouraging us to experiment with different ways of working, I have taken advantage of this new system to work from home. 」

To say where the difference, the first thing to mention is that it is different from the quiet environment of the city.

"My hometown is a town in Shizuoka Prefecture with out of tall buildings. I borrowed a room from my grandmother's house as my office, and it was only 5 minutes walk from my house to my grandmother's house. Because my family is in the country, so very quiet. The sound of the surrounding sound is also mostly the sound of birds and cars driving past. My job is not so much a designer as a designer, but most of the time it's spent on pages, banner design, and programming, which requirea high concentration. And because of this, having a quieter workspace makes me more focused and efficient than I am when Working in the company. (Recommended reading: Working from home from a far away, you should re-establish self-discipline!) Five book lists recommended for good habits)

Some people worry that there are too many incentives around home work to concentrate. But maybe without the sound of nearby neighbors fighting, children crying, and pets barking, we'll have enough concentration and don't want to do anything else!

Returning home to work reminds me of the warmth of home

Big Data, aI development company EXIDEA also offered a long-distance homecoming policy, with three employees sharing their experiences of interacting with their families.

"It's nice to see my family and three cats every day. And because you don't have to cook or wash clothes, the work efficiency is better. I really appreciate that. 」

In addition to being surrounded by love, the number of people who share the housework together is more, and naturally much easier. The social worker also said that working in a broad home is less oppressive.

"Although not explicitly, but I think my parents are very happy. My parents do not know very much about my network-related work, through this opportunity, they can 'visit' my work, I can also explain their own responsible projects, so that my family know more about me. But from 10:00 to 19:00 work is a bit out of place with the family, and there's no way to go into too much detail. 」

Relatives will always ask you what you are doing, but because you listen to a fog, it will be a long time before you will ask you again. Long home work, perhaps cut off this cycle!

"Breathing the air of your home for a long time, and observing the change of the streetscape, you will feel very sorry." 」

Another employee shared it. Do you go home for a long time, do you always ask: "Before there was a convenience store?" "When did this restaurant fall down?" For the memory of home, always fragments updated. If the implementation of the long-distance homecoming work becomes common, the impression of home, can it become continuous?

"Although not explicitly, but my parents are very happy. While still in Nagoya, although I live outside, but just 15 minutes by car to get to the place, so there is no feeling. But the distance between Nagoya and Tokyo is really lonely. Every time I go home, I think, "The next time I go home, I don't know what time it is." 」

Even before the holiday has begun, you will have to rub his hands to buy tickets, otherwise there is no train home. If the long-distance homecoming work becomes a possibility, do we do not have to rush back home, worried about the tide of return to the car, can freely choose to go home days, such as parents' birthdays, return home to celebrate their birthdays?

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"This time to go home to stay full, usually there is no way to see me for so long, everyone is very happy. In particular, Ao is particularly happy with the dog. The last employee shared it.

We fight for the future and happiness, and gradually develop outwards. Back to God, only to find that he and his hometown has been separated from the distance that can not be said to go back. But perhaps family and achievement should not be the second choice.

Asked what was the best place to go home to work, the three replied: "See my family and good friends in the local area." In the flat common not to meet the moment can meet, friends are also very happy. "Can work with peace of mind and be reunited with your family!" "Can thank the family by heart, eat hot meals, and chat with the family. Without such an opportunity, I might not have met my family a lot. If only I could be able to provide such an opportunity to go home and honor my parents. 」

Now even the gathering of more than 100 people is calling for to avoid the present, perhaps our new love and emotional connection has become difficult. But from another perspective, this wave of outbreaks, will not be closer to the most familiar you, but gradually unfamiliar between the distance between relatives? (Recommended reading: Liu Xuan' essay, in fact, work and family balance does not exist)