Bone's latest performance, "The Story of Boone's Rape," which features women on his personal channel, is a nod to women, and perhaps it's time to take a gender lesson to dispel myths about sexual violence/sexual assault.

On March 26, Bone released his latest performance, "The Story of Boone's Rape," on his personal channel, in which he shares his definition of sexual assault with his partner, and talks about the neglect of male victims:

"Is it because I don't look like a victim?" I think the definition is exactly the same, the only difference is that I don't think more wrong, the more I want to be right. 」
"You know the important issue of male rape is not widely discussed because you people are laughing. "
"I've only been telling jokes about girls raping boys since I started, because I really want to encourage this behavior, too little. 」
"This lady, you help me think about how to rape Mr. tonight."

"I can see that in the near future, women fans will be writing a bunch of articles to scold me, and I can even see the title - no, you're not being raped. 」

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Bohn has thrown a lot of the issues out, and it's a woman's obsession today that wants to respond positively and discuss: Why are male victims of sexual assault so easily overlooked? Is there a sexual assault in a marriage? And what's wrong with the term "rape"?

To Boone, also give everyone a small gender dictionary, take you together on a few sex lessons!

Gender Dictionary: Sexual Assault

The so-called sexual assault, that is, by threats, coercion, intimidation, deception and other tangible and intangible ways, against the will of others forced.

(Reference from Chapter XVI of the Criminal Law to Article 221 of the Crime of Obstruction of Sexual Autonomy)

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Gender Dictionary: Sexual Assault in Marriage

In a marriage relationship, one of the parties is forced to make a forced exchange against the will of the other. Society still generally recognizes that any party in a marriage has an "obligation" to perform sexual acts, but no one in the marriage has an obligation to engage in "sexual acts".

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When it comes to sexual-related topics, men are often seen as "losing" women, such as everyday, boys are kissed or hugged, often considered to earn, but the "male earned women" thinking is in fact reinforcing the gender stereotype of society: women's exposure to "sex" is dirty, boys are harassed must be "accepted."

(Reference to Professor He Chunxuan's "The Woman of Howe")

So The more "the more you want to be right" after being sexually assaulted, the more common lysions about male victims, the belief that "you are a boy can be sexually assaulted" and "You all have an erection should be wanted." You a boy can't protect yourself, " and so on, is shaping the stereotype of the victim, anyone can be a victim.

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Without consent, it is sexual assault. In the past, the phrase "no, yes" was in fact to blame the victim for the sexual assault. Therefore, the Modern Women's Foundation promotes the concept of "only YES means YES does not consent is sexual assault" and promotes the "right to positive sexual consent", which should occur in the case of respect and consent between both parties.

(Reference from the Modern Women's Foundation)

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Sorry Bone, without waiting for women to get "a lot of articles that scold you", solve your doubts with four gender dictionaries!

Everyone can be a victim, and that's why we want men to join in solidarity and end sexual violence. Finally, men can also be feminists, and if you want to know more, you might want to see how David Schwimmer or John Legend did it: