Interview with Molly Molly, the opinion leader, to see how she faces setbacks, how she sees herself, and how she still became herself in the age of the online

"I'm a idle person, and i just can't help if I stay at home. She had just returned from Italy and, during her 14 days at home, she filmed every day and shared tips on everything from makeup to exercise. Fans laughed that she was "the busiest isolationist in Taiwan" and she laughed back, yes, I am, I don't want to waste these 14 days.

She's the busiest person on the stage, a leader with 600,000 followers, a fashion week regular and Molly Molly. But how on earth did Molly become Molly? How did she step by step become what she is now?

My nature is, the more you say I can't do it, the more I do to see you

New Crown Pneumonia (COVID-19) swept the world, the crowd gathered in the place instantly became a viral distribution, just finished Milan Fashion Week Molly, returned home for self-management. "I really think that the society can be better if you take care of myself and manage it. After two weeks at home, her work was suspended, but her interactions with her fans never stopped.

She shoots a short video every day, from make-up skills, hair-cutting to exercise method teaching, and takes selfies in her own hands. Although at home, but more busy than anyone. "In fact, at first, I thought it was unlikely (to be filmed every day), and I was a little regretful on the fifth day and felt so tired. Why am I okay at home and have to wear makeup when I get up? I want to give up. Do you understand that mood? You're a daily drifter, and then you're done with the movie and you're going to get rid of your makeup. 」

"I thought, my God, life is hard. She speaks a lot of words and helps with vivid expressions. Do you understand? It's really true. Oh, my God. She is born the kind of person who wants to live to see others. Undisguised, she made no secret of her tiredness at making the film, and she said, "It's hard, but I'm done." 」

Do things as hard as you can, and you can do more, and Molly never does less. At first, she had a star dream, wanted to be an entertainer, so she took part in a TV show, but then she didn't want to be a announcer, she knew she could do more. "I grew up interested in fashion, when told people I want to enter the fashion industry, others just say don't be silly, that's too hard, you take over the industry with it." 」

"My character is that the more you say I can't do it, the more I do it." So, on her own, she spent three years as a fashion week regular, as a global image advertising spokesperson for maintaining the brand, and also with the makeup brand to launch a joint product. In her Youtube reality film, What's Molly,, she says, she's demanding on herself because she's eager. "Effort is basic, you are basically good to do." But what really gets you to your goal is the feeling of 'very longing' in your heart, longing for all the stools you can put up with. 」

Longing for fame, all the stools before fame can be tolerated.

I don't care, i don't have such a big counter-argument.

Along the way, Molly faced the stool is never less, netizens said she fake Europe and the United States, said she deliberately went to exercise, deliberately to tan, she really caused a lot of impact. "I really broke down at first, the first time I read the negative comments of netizens on the low tide for a month, I do not know what I did wrong. 」

"During that time, I didn't know if I was doing it in the right way, and I would start to deny myself, and I felt very uncomfortable about myself. At that time is terrible, to participate in activities, contact people, will feel that the scene has 80 percent of the hate themselves? Someone else looks at you more, or others don't say a word to you more, I will think, 'Is he also behind the people who scold me?' That the whole of my mental state is very unhealthy, and then the original like to do, will instantly feel that do not want to do. 」

Later, she talked to her friends, chatted with her elders, and learned to look at herself in a different way, "some fans think they're getting help because of my recommendations or what I say." And then I suddenly realized, yes, i'm actually doing the right thing, so why is it affected? I just want to see the right people, some people will get better because of me, so focus on these people. 」

She then became more frustrated and brave, but not to the negative criticism. Until now, she has learned to stand up for herself in the face of unreasonable abuse. While in self-management at home, an account posted a message criticizing Molly's small breasts, like the airport. She broadcasts live and responds positively to the limited-time dynamic "What about the airport?" Don't you know the airport is big? 」

Recalling the incident, Molly said, "I'm not really angry at all, just as I've heard a lot of criticism of girls since I was a sporty person." I just want to educate these people about this. I just want to say, these 14 days, I am isolated every day very idle, you really do not quarrel with me, because you can't win me! An old lady is just to be herself, you can't control my breath from Molly. Her eyes were wide, her waist was straight, as if she had been born so confident.

Asked if he doesn't care about criticism now? "I still care, if I really don't care, I won't have such a big reaction. It's just that I'm going to find a way to care right now, and the so-called 'right to care' is like my fightback. Because i don't care because you criticize me, i care because you're wrong to behave like this (criticizing women's perspectives). 」

"As long as you care about the right point, the way you express it right, it you can still care." Now, Molly knows how to fight in a handsome and positive way. She tells us with action, when you feel uncomfortable, don't bear it, say it to me out loud.

There's Plan B because you can't do It yourself

Longing for fame, but also under a lot of pressure as a celebrity, why also have a yearning for fame? Molly said, "If one of my actions can affect a person's life, it's a touching feeling." Just to the sports, someone because of me, have the motivation to go to exercise, the result he lost twenty or thirty kilograms. Or if he sees that I've been insistent, he'll think he's okay. 」

Molly, who is demanding of herself, admits that the sport not only has an impact on her fans, but also helped herself. "Sports for me is a very good catharsis. I also because the exercise has developed a little patience, become more relaxed and not so urgent. Exercise emphasizes the 'average speed', but in fact life is also, life also needs average speed.'

She also stressed that exercise should be about making yourself happy, not painful. "I think people still occasionally want to relax, such as a week of healthy eating, less oil and less salt after eating, there is a day or two left to do what they like." You must let life have some expectations, life has expectations to move on. For example, I would like to think that after filming this week, I can eat something i like and create unlimited expectations for myself every day. 」

She urged herself and encouraged her fans to exercise together. And the direct feedback from her fans made her understand that she had a great influence and wanted to encourage more people. "I've always started with "what I want to do" instead of "who I want to be." 」

Molly carries a lot of labels, some say she's desperate three, some say she's the busiest person in history. But if she could describe herself in one sentence, she said it would be No Plan B. "My life is no Plan B, there is Plan B, because I feel that Plan A can't do it, so I have to leave a way to make excuses for myself." 」

"I'm not a person who likes to make excuses for himself. I believe that if you want to do it, you can really do it. If you don't, it's because you've left too many Plan Bs for yourself. 」

Molly's personal reality show, "What's Molly's With," is named after her online questions and dissatisfaction with her, announcing the artist's origin son, with what to enter the fashion circle? Just taking beautiful pictures, why have so many fans and brands love?

If you see how much hard work she's done and how much homework she's doing to get into the fashion world, you don't think she's got anything. If you understand that the next hard work and basic work that is needed behind a beautiful photograph, you won't feel what she has.

So what's Molly's got? Perhaps, just because she's Molly, NO PLAN B, never gives herself a way back.

What they taught me.

  1. If you want to know how to take your own path, Molly tells you:
  2. In the face of criticism, you can care, but please find the right way to care.
  3. Timely expression of the mood, everyone has a suitable way for their own, sports sweat, eat, chat, may make the mood better.
  4. Sometimes give yourself a little pressure, don't be too tolerant of yourself, the future you will thank you now efforts.