In the past two years, South Korea," the N-room, victory incident, let us see the gender inequality in South Korea. Keeping your eyes on the show business seems to be a sudden understanding of why the women's group MAMAMOO has up to 90% of its female fans. MAMAMOO doesn't cater to male gaze, rate-like, perhaps every girl dreams of being handsome.

Recently, the most concerned gender issue in the world is the "N room incident" in South Korea, which is about a year away from the "victory incident" that broke out last year. Between these two events, South Korea also has large-scale child sex crimes and female entertainers killed, and so on, these sexual violence incidents, the public once again caused people to discuss the issue of gender in South Korea.

If you're not sure about these things, we've written a lot of articles on gender issues in Korea in the past, inviting you to read and follow them together.

From the victory to room N, tearing apart The illusion of sex in Korea, let us see that Korean women's rights are so low, in a difficult situation. If we don't mention serious sexual violence, we can also find in the film "82-year-old Jin Zhiying", those others do not think of the "daily little things" how deeply oppresse every ordinary woman.

And I don't know if anyone is like me, and as a K-POP enthusiast, it's especially complicated to see these things. Looking back at the Korean acting scene, I suddenly could understand why mammoso, a women's group, was so popular with women.

Korean women's team MAMAMOO, why are there so many female fans?

MAMAMOO was launched in 2014 with the meaning of the group, which is meant to bring music beyond gender and nationality to the public. The four members include Solar, Moon Byul, Whee In and Hwasong.

Most of the idol groups are other headsets, only the best lead singers, and MAMAMOO is often full-time master of wheat, known for its strong singing power.

Photo: MAMAMOO, HIP, MV Screenshot

According to the 2018 statistics of the Korean Network, mammomo has as many as 96% of the female fans in the male-to-female stakes of the well-known women's group signings.

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MAMAMOO, which has a large female fan base, does not cater to male gazes and often performs on stage in a leggy suit. Compared to other women's groups, wearing (class) suits is very frequent.

NOT JUST HANDSOME STYLE, MAMAMOO ALSO WEARS SEXY, PURE, PLAYFUL CLOTHING. MAMAMOO can dress, can be pants, let everyone see the original women in from clothing to attitude, can have more yuan choice.

As a public figure under the magnesium light, even if it's just a dress, it has a subtle influence on fans or viewers.

MAMAMOO: Wherever I go, I am me

In 2018, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala drew public attention for her list of songs for International Women's Day, the only Korean song to be mama-moo's Yes I am. Malala herself tweeted: "Thank you to these inspiring female artists. 」

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

Yes I Am strongly encourages women to be themselves, without being bound by a secular vision, and you and I can be the ideal look. In the MV concept, the rear crown LOGO of the background can be seen, not only as an abbreviation for MAMAMOO, but also means that every girl can wear a back crown for herself.

Photo s/yes I am s/MV screenshots

People like me, confident women.
People like me, women with charm.
If you want, you can learn from me.
- MAMAMOO Yes I am

Having said that, Warsaw, the youngest member of the group, is worth mentioning. At the 2018 MAMA Awards, Warsaw, wearing a red high-cut leather dress, immediately took the top place in the Korean Internet Hot Search. Some people criticized too exposed: "Clearly can rely on strength, do you have to wear it like this?" But there are also a lot of fans strong, causing both sides of the argument.

Warsaw responded by personally designing the outfit, which she personally wanted to show on stage.

I like to be comfortable, that's me.
I don't go around, I don't hide it.
Arrogant I don't care, those who don't understand my doubt
Just want to live the way I want to,
- MAMAMOO Yes I am

Where versu, I am who I am
It's a personal preference, don't be too sensitive.
- MAMAMOO Yes I am

Even the widely-recognized MAMAMOO can be attacked by acid people. Warsaw, for example, has been heavily criticised for its appearance and figure, which are not in line with The mainstream Korean aesthetic, or for its personality-neutral star, which is often heavily criticised for its acid-like sexual orientation.

As for the acid people, he said on the live broadcast earlier: "I don't quite understand the people who make bad comments." Everyone has everyone's appearance and personality, should not ask others how, should not say to others, live their lives on the line. She also warmed to her fans: "Don't worry, we're strong." 」

I prefer my round edith face to a V-face.
My unique SomeSpecial Thing
I like my eyelids more than I do.
Laughing, there's an Indian wine and a bulging nose.
It's commendable.
- MAMAMOO Yes I am

Whether in South Korea or Taiwan, women should be able to "be themselves" and not be limited by the gender framework, and it is still a long way off.

My fashion is often controversial.
But I don't care, but it's rate.

Why are the female fans of the Korean women's group MAMAMOO so many? MAMAMOO doesn't cater to male gaze, rate-like, perhaps every girl dreams of being handsome.

Thank you to everyone who criticizes me, your life is there. To your blessing, I am now determined.


Back to the Korean gender issue of early Wen. As a K-POP fan, I love Korean pop music culture and sincerely hope that Korea can become a more gender-equal society.

I am also sad and angry about the victory, the N room, and the revelation is the first step of change, and there is still a second and third step to go, which requires the attention or participation of all, so that the road has a chance to get further and further.

Finally, send MAMAMOO to the concept you want to convey in the song "Egotistic":

Take care of yourself, and I'll do whatever I want.

MAMAMOO Egotistic