How to go from being a "sport-killing" person to a sports fanatic? For your interview with Molly, talk about her Sports Lady Trail.

How to go from being a "sport-killing" person to a sports fanatic? Molly, who used to take the elevator on the second floor, now doesn't exercise for five days a week and feels weird. What kind of sports tips does she have? How is it sustained? What do you think exercise has improved your life?

For your interview with Molly, talk about her Sports Lady Trail.

Q: How do I start contact with exercise?

I used to be a guy who didn't climb the ladder, don't call me a slug! I'm moving, but I don't love sports. Because to ask me to do an extra life will be very tired thing, I think, why? (Please automatically wrap in Molly's confused face: why?) Later, because I started on TV, so as long as there is a little meat, it will look very fat, I am very unhappy. A friend opened the gym and told me that I was thin in the exercise, so I started trying to exercise.

At first I felt very painful, experienced the low tide of exercise. At that time, I thought, my God, I don't want to exercise anymore, it doesn't work at all! But later found that the effect is only because of their own too tolerant, with not to do the ultimate, will not have an effect.

Any superficial reason can make you a sports leader, as long as you start moving is good.

Q: Of all the sports, which one do you like?

I still like to retrain, retraining although it takes a long time to see the effect, but that effect is really your step by step accumulated out. That self-confidence is indestructible. Like now if someone says I'm "you're not looking good", it won't affect me at all, I'll just think ,"You don't have eyes, you don't understand", because only if you know how hard it is to practice this, i'll be more confident.

Q: Before and after exercise, feel the biggest difference?

Body bar, I used to be 165 cm tall, 45 kg, in fact, very thin. But then I looked fatter than I am now, because the muscles were loose at that time. But now, it's actually heavier than before, but the meat is fit, so it looks thinner than before. A lot of people will think I want to be thin, don't eat, but please, I eat a lot of good? But because there is regular exercise, so the posture is still maintained.

Q: How do I choose your sportswear?

Girls choose sports underwear, I think the most important thing is that you do not feel that after wearing long time can not breathe, this is very important. The size and degree of tightness of the bust will be related to the breathing and physical state of the follow-up movement. If you turn up the underside of your sports underwear and find your body stuck in a sign, it's not for your sports underwear. If you feel the chest pressure, that's not right. In addition, I am also concerned about the cladding and chest pads are easy to shift. Nike's Swoosh Bra does a great job of designing a one-piece cushion that doesn't have to worry about whether the chest pad will shift.

Q: What's the real experience of Nike Swoosh Bra?

Everyone's been washed in sports underwear, right? After the sports underwear is washed, take out the pad, either fall out, or shrink it into a clump, from the next small hole to plug in. Every time I'm at home just to get this, I get to swear. But Nike's one-piece padded sports underwear, washed out if you fall out, you plug in from the front, easy and convenient, and will not wrinkle. And the chest pad is thicker, but very breathable, so you no longer have to be afraid of bumps or uneven surface.

Q: Do I have to go to the gym for exercise? Is there a recommended home exercise?

Oh this is super simple, home can also exercise ah! Just turn on Nike's Nike training club, NTC APP's home fitness instructor that keeps you out of exercise without direction, and there are plenty of exercise plans recommended, who want to practice the abdominal core or upper limb muscle, and have a suitable exercise plan to choose from. You choose a favorite, follow edathem. It's like when I go abroad, i'm sure the sports thing I'm going to bring is the elastic belt, because that's the most direct and quick thing to help you increase your stress. Or go to the supermarket to buy mineral water and raise it as a dumbbell.

Q: How to maintain the movement?

Many people will feel that exercise is a trip, so they can't stick to it. For example, my friend's coaching class is "free", but if you want to use this idea, you will never be free. Because every day to work, have to eat and so on. But if you think of exercise as part of a three-meal meal, you do it every day. Just like eating, when it's time to exercise. Put it into life, you won't feel unable to hold on.

Q: What do you think exercise has to do with life?

Sport is my very good catharsis pipeline, I also because the movement has cultivated a little patience, because I am an acute child, my personality is anxious to the previous second to talk about things, the next second to let him happen. But the movement it is not a immediate thing to see the effect, you are to be very patient, to wait three months or six months, and my personality is completely different. So it also taught me to be a little patient. In addition to patience, you also learn edified average pace.

Exercise requires an average pace, and so does life.

Molly's philosophy of motion is the philosophy of life. By integrating exercise into your life and making it a part of your life, you will have more spare time, patience, and resilience to meet and face the challenges of life. Now, pick a piece of sports underwear that suits you and start your Miss Sports Trail.