15 little things, 1-2 changes a day, and in a week' time, you can make your home a happier place!

The spread of the epidemic, when many people choose to work far away, "home" becomes the environment you are bound to face.

In the past, you could put up with the scattered clothes in the room, the dim lights, the occasional stuffed sink, and go home with your eyes closed, sleep for six hours and go to work tomorrow, we all know. But when the work field moved to the room, and their home to get along for at least 8 hours, this time, any corner of the home becomes extremely important (believe me, you will also enlarge the problem yourself, such as suddenly feel that the cabinet is placed at the wrong angle, the chair is a little too hard, should fold clothes, etc., every little thing will make people anxious.) )

Photo by Klint Mane on Unsplash

A comfortable environment that allows you to generate positive emotions while increasing concentration and productivity. In fact, you also do not need big action to decorate the room, only a few small methods.

How do you make your home a happier place? Here are 15 things you can start with:

  1. Get up and put the cotton up with the pillow.
  2. Change into a comfortable, beautifully colored bed
  3. Wash the bowl cup clean
  4. Fold the clothes piled up on the chair and put them away (the clothes that have been changed for a long time are also collected)
  5. Open the window and let the air flow and light
  6. Music playing
  7. Light a fragrance candle or essential oil to give the room the aroma you like
  8. Replace the old light bulbs.
  9. A pot of green plants in the room
  10. A photo of a quick return on a slug
  11. Wipe the floor and desk clean
  12. On the table you see you will be happy small things, such as dolls, dolls
  13. A beautiful carpet on the ground
  14. Make a cup of tea or coffee
  15. Organize areas where you can concentrate on reading and thinking (if you're in bed and want to sleep, reading in bed is not recommended)

The top 15 things don't have to be done in a day, and today you can just fold your clothes first. Choose 1-2 things to do every day, and after a week you will gradually discover that even if it becomes a place to work, you can still maintain a living space, which does not mean that the private space is completely gone, and you may find that life and work can naturally blend together.