The interview with Wu Ao-shee was made by most people who recognized her because she was identified by her real name as a victim of sexual violence by the Hong Kong police. Being a female protester is a daily fear of being liquidated, and as a woman, it is even more necessary to be afraid of being disappeared in the street and being treated sexually by the police before she dies.

I accused the police of sexual violence on 10 October 2019 when I took off my mask and confronted the headmaster, the media and the public.
That month, my class attendance decreased because I was afraid of a threat to my personal safety.
- Ao-Snow

Wu Ao-shee, who has just stepped on to 25 years old this year, is known by her first name for sexual violence by the Hong Kong police.

On the day of the visit, she was taking graduation photos and leaving a shadow of her youth in the studio. Entering the studio for a moment, she and friends were in front of the set, holding the graduation doll, smiling at the camera in front of her. She quickly noticed the arrival of the reporter, which was our first meeting, and she washed the reporter for a while, "I'm sorry, I'll be able to visit soon." In the past six months, her youth, like most young people in Hong Kong, was full of fear, blood and deep wound.

Wu Ao-shee, from the University of Chinese Hong Kong, is a graduate of this year's Bachelor of Early Childhood Education programme, recalling that in the past six months, it has become difficult to maintain my studies because of anti-transmission exercises: "I actually accused the police of sexual violence on October 10, 2019, when I took off my mask, and that month my classroom attendance decreased because I was afraid of a threat to my personal safety, and the case of Chen Yan-chi (the case of the Hong Kong Institute of Design students becoming devils) and her death was suspicious. So I cut back on attending classes on the premise of worrying about my personal safety and protecting my classmates from the media. 」

For journalists who have graduated from college for two years, the anti-Trump march on June 9, 2019 began to make it seem as if I had returned to the hot blood of college - the hope of changing society, at the expense of personal safety on the streets, anger at the Hong Kong government all the time, and the fearsome reality of the dream after falling asleep for half a year, every one of us in Hong Kong has experienced the pain, anger, trauma, fear, and the fear of the people of Wuhan. The complex mood of this struggle has not stopped.

The whole world has seen that Hong Kong people's determination in their pursuit of democracy , freedom and human rights has not diminished .
Even if there is brutal violence ahead, we have not bowed our heads and surrendered. Join forces with Lifei and Yongwu to fight for our five major aspirations in different ways.
- Ao-Snow

"I often read a column in which women are fans, especially when they are in a bad mood. She looks confident, answers questions clear and strong, and every time she answers, she will be in the mind clearly disassembled analysis, occasionally feel a little nervous, but also pay attention to each answer of the words are appropriate, fair, is a very intelligent new generation of women. She is not only a victim of sexual violence, but also a powerful but thoughtful feminist who speaks for herself, a young woman who is the most feared in Hong Kong society because she is ready to shake up the entire established power structure and refresh the imagination of young women.

The reporter himself opened with a review of the anti-Trump movement and was asked, "How would 2019 be described?" Wu Ao-snow to June 2019 as a starting point, "I began to review from June, the past six months, how to describe?" I think there is a year of sweetness and bitterness, sorrow and common. Sad things, we remember the sight of girls, blindfolded journalists, we remember a lot of people who were arrested indiscriminately by the police and then subjected to violence, whether it was physical torture, the sexual violence I experienced, the untruthful death (suicide). 」

She lamented the suffering of hong Kong people, the joy of the change in the way Hong Kong people participate in politics, and her hope for a democratic society in the future.

Assault on the chest and second-degree body search, real name charges police sexual violence

Being a female protester is a daily fear of being cleared by the police, and as a woman, it is even more necessary to be afraid of being kidnapped and disappeared in the street at any time, and fear of being treated sexually by the police before she dies.

"I actually accused the police of sexual violence on 10 October when I took off my mask and that month my classroom attendance decreased because I was afraid of a threat to my personal safety , and in the case of Chen Yanxuan ( a student of the Hong Kong Institute of Design , who turned devil's mountain body ) , her cause of death was suspicious , so I reduced my attendance at the classroom in the face of fear of her personal safety and protection from the media . 」

Ms. Wu is charged with unreasonable body searches following her arrest on 31 August 2019 (early hours of September 1), being slapped in the chest by male police officers and being not allowed to close the door while in the detention room.

The first is the second-level body search requirement. After she was arrested outside the Prince's Police Station on charges of "unlawful assembly" and sent to Kwai Chung Police Station, the duty officer showed her a body search consent form explaining to her: "Now I will search you, in the body room, a female policeofficer is responsible for the search, and another female policeofficer is responsible for monitoring the whole process." You read the consent form now and sign it. 」

When she knew that the original Hong Kong search identity for three levels, the first representative does not have to take off clothes, the second representative take off part of the clothes, the third representative take off all clothes, that is, commonly known as "naked search."

She was asked to "secondary search" and "the search was led by a policewoman, and she told me to take off the T-shirt, and I took it off, i took off my shorts, I took off my shorts." She also inserted her finger into my bust, searched along the chest, and touched my chest. There was no explanation at the time why this was needed, and she gave instructions, and I followed. 」

What she thinks is unreasonable is that the charges of her arrest are not equal to the level of body search, "Why does the "illegal assembly" need to take off part of his clothes and search for his body?" Previous charges of needing to take off their clothes and search for bodies were drug trafficking or drug-related offences. Other women arrested do not understand why they need to be searched at the second level , and the rationale behind the body search level is not understood . Apart from the failure of the police to provide a reasonable explanation for the level of body search , she does not think that the police have clear guidelines for the procedure for body search .

In addition to the above, she has faced other sexual violence from the police, such as when the Kwai Chung Police Station reported, the police did not follow the procedure to arrange for a female police officer to hold her with a rope strip bearing the number of the arrested person, but instead by the male police officer, who slapped her in the chest with his hand while holding the rope for her.

In addition, she was deeply affected when she went to the toilet in the detention room, and on the afternoon of 1 September, I was taken to the detention room, where two female police officers looked at my private parts and toilet slots, and did not close the toilet door, while a few steps away were male police officers chatting. 」

Three things, there is another thing she will never forget: "A female police officer in a covered parking lot filled with male arrested men, dozens of male police officers, with metal detectors for inspection, without asking me, directly lifted my jacket to the belly position." 」

All kinds of disrespect and aggression against the physical body of women arrested constitute a blueprint of sexual violence that is not officially recognized but can be imagined: after the original female being arrested by the police as a demonstrator, she had to face a succession of offences and even aggression, and Wu's situation was only the tip of the iceberg.

Helpless and unable to communicate (female) demonstrators without a voice

In the case of the police with weapons, we are already in a state of human flesh.
- Ao-Snow

What we would like to explore next is whether it is more difficult for demonstrators to resist when they are arrested and face sexual violence because they are defined by law as "offenders"? If the identity of the "demonstrators" is preceded by two words, will they face double difficulties if they want to resist sexual violence? Wu Ao-snow has some insight.

"If we leave out the status of women, we can interpret this as if we are not equal to the powers of the arrested person semen and the police alone, we can interpret this as saying that in the case of being subdued, arrested for a moment and possessing weapons on the police, we are in a state of human flesh." Take an incident at Kwai Chung Police Station, where a male arrested man shouted the slogan 'Good boy is bad, bad man is on the street.' (Written translation: Good children don't be policemen, they are cops. The police then gave him a glass of rolling water to greet him. As a person under arrest, there must be no right to speak. 」

We go one step further and add a female perspective to the status of the demonstrators. Mr Ng recalled the gender inequalities he encountered when he was arrested in the early hours of August 31 to 1 September. Male arrested persons can talk to each other, and male police officers will only remind them to whisper. But the women who were also in covered parking lots, several iron horses, were not able to talk to each other, and once they talked, the policewoman on duty stopped us immediately. When the female arrested person continues to talk, she will be transferred and the arrested woman will also need to sit in one place. The police's move is like placing female demonstrators in a more helpless situation.

Be nice, don't talk anymore, be quiet.
- Advice made by female police officers to female arrested persons on duty

Female arrested persons are not allowed to talk to each other, disguised as cutting off the flow of information, "not everyone knows how to find a lawyer for help." The arrested persons on the same day were not only from the Prince's Police Station area, but some people were arrested in the Hong Kong Island area and we would like to know if the offences were the same. If we can exchange information and understand what the charges of other (female) arrested persons are , we can assume that when they encounter unreasonable requests for body searches , they may be able to immediately realize the equal extent of the search requirements and the charges , and then aggregate them together to appeal or resist immediately . No one likes to fight alone, let alone an unarmed person who has the opportunity to face sexual harassment or indecent assault by the police?

If the police have reason to stop the arrested people from talking to each other, fine. But if men are able to talk to each other, but women are banned, it's a gender inequality.
- Apoofa

Sexual violence in anti-transmission and the continuation of daily cyberbullying and misogyny

After experiencing police sexual violence and personally testifying and complaining, Wu has received public support, but has also become a target for some netizens and the public, and Wu Is no stranger to such bullying and targeting.

After I accused the police of sexual violence in real name at the University of Chinese Hong Kong, some netizens fabricated that I had a relationship with President Duan Chongzhi.

Prior to the anti-transmission campaign, Wu had been cyber-bullying, "Since high school, I have been the object of cyberbullying, the online false allegations against me, mostly about "sex", including humiliation." For example, falsely accusing me of being a sex worker, making up stories that say I have sex with a lot of people. Describe me as "a soldier" and a regular .dwelling. Even after I accused the police of sexual violence in my real name at the University of Chinese In Hong Kong, some netizens fabricated that I had a relationship with President Duan Chongzhi. 」

Wu faced attacks from both camps after being accused of sexual violence by police. The first is from the same political stance, commonly known as "Yellow Silk" fellow questioning and smearing, and the online smear smudged mostly accuses her of having a chaotic life in the past, thus questioning her authenticity and qualifications as a "victim", and the second is the intimidation of "Blue Silk" (i.e., pro-establishment figures or their supporters in Hong Kong). The path to being "allowed" and "recognized" by the public is difficult, which has a lot to do with misogyny and gender injustice, and the Internet is an important channel for hong Kong's democratic movement, which can always be a beacon for the dissemination of protest messages, and at the same time be a powerful tool for attacking women and female protesters.

The second part of the interview will delve into the cyberbullying, misogyny, stigma and her decision to announce her marriage in December 2019.