Did you stay at home and get bored during the outbreak? At this moment, there's a rooftop love story that's happening in New York, they're using drones for contact, video dinner dates, and finally, in order to meet the last side, and even take out super cute bubbles to maintain social distance, just to be able to take a walk together in the city.

Hey, how have you been late?

Wuhan pneumonia epidemic spread world, our daily beginning to affect or stop, stay at home for longer, the opportunity to contact people is also less. Can't date, meet new people, many couples are also isolated, can only rely on cold technology products to hold each other together, with the imagination to feel the temperature exists.

If you feel that life is a little boring, a lot of lonely, then we want to tell you a quietly in the corner of the world romantic story.

A man named Jeremy Cohen shared a chapter of his miracle balcony love on IG on March 23 in Brooklyn, New York. In the outbreak-hit, sparsely populated city of New York, he was left alone at home, just as he saw the back of a girl dancing happily on the roof next door. Then the lovely interaction between them began.

Drone love: "This is my number, send me a message?" 」

"I can't believe this actual ly worked and yes this this is a real story."

From a far away, I saw a girl, dancing on the roof, making him think, "I want to know her!" 」

So he plucked up the courage, he first loudly and each other to say hello, from the balcony after waving vigorously, got the girl's response.

Then he ran back inside and decided to write a note to each other, trying to exchange communication methods. But how to send this message during the outbreak? Then he took out the drone and intended to give his heart.

And soon after, his cell phone really jumped out of the message: "Hey, I'm the girl on the roof!" 」

Picture: Screenshot from Jeremy Cohen Video

Picture: Screenshot from Jeremy Cohen Video

The feeling of the heart, has been spreading, life a lot of joy.

Our first date: a romantic rooftop dinner with a glass of video

After sending each other messages for a while, because he liked each other very much, he began to wonder if he could come to a date. He asked the girl, Tori. Tori also offered to ask a lovely question: "But where can we go, and how can we proceed?" After all, we're being quarantined! 」

Then they came up with an idea: why not have an empty balcony dinner.

They set up tables, put white tablecloths and flowers, and prepared microwave meals (this is the only one), and in front of the mirror they fret about what to wear today, carefully brushing their teeth and shaving to take care of themselves. And before the agreed time, send a message to the other person: "Are you nearing yet?" 」

Then Jeremy said to Tori in the air, 'You're really beautiful today.' Turn on the video, toast to the screen, and honor our first dinner.

Picture: Screenshot from Jeremy Cohen Video

Even if we can't touch you, we still have to keep up the date. Also have something to do, will feel nervous, want to perform well, need to take a deep breath.

Seeing this, can't help but think, how long have we not come to such a carefully crafted, just to leave time for each other romantic date? And the more lovely drama between them, still in the back.

Prepare a bunch of flowers, an isolated bubble ball, let's go out for a walk!

Want to really see the last time, but the external outbreak is tense, how to maintain a safe distance, but also go out for a walk?

Jeremy then bought a transparent bubble ball, prepared a bunch of flowers, put himself in it, and went downstairs to Tori's house. Tori couldn't help laughing when he saw him, you're such a funny boy.

Picture: Screenshot from Jeremy Cohen Video

Picture: Screenshot from Jeremy Cohen Video

They were even stopped by the police because of their striking appearance, only to take a selfie with them.

Across the bubble ball, pretend to collect flowers, walk in the city, chat, feel as if some difficult, but perhaps because of this, there will be more heart and beautiful moments.

Jeremy, who is filming the story, says he has been isolated in the apartment for a week, making him desperate to connect with the outside world. During the outbreak, it doesn't mean we need to stay away from this society; their story is like saying that the outbreak has delayed a lot, but love won't be one of them.

Maybe you've been at home for a while, or haven't had a social life for a long time, like this pair of male and female actors, but do you believe it? As long as we continue to miss each other, the world after the storm, we will cherish every kind of love.