Women fans editor-in-chief selection of books, we are growing up as a girl, and the future, we want to grow up to become what kind of girls, please decide by ourselves.

I grew up as a girl, want to come, that is a very contradictory experience, you are pampered at the same time, being pampered, also glued to a variety of stereotypes and expectations to grow up, sticky. You vaguely feel that the whole society exhausted all kinds of ways to tell you, you must not grow beyond everyone's imagination outside the scope of the look, the best to keep your own, the best bet, the best gentle, do things not too capable, talk not too noisy, skirt sill shorter, the workplace do not strong, you have to be obedient lying in the range of others painting you, this is your best look.

I once thought about growing up like this. It's true.

Until a woman came into my life, opened my adult gender enlightenment, and then encountered a few books, one arrow through the heart, in response to years of unpleasant undercurrents, back, to the experience of adulthood, a few clear explanations.

Reading is for their own world, but also for their own more open eyes of those centimeters, you see, follow the rules of life is indeed relatively simple, but after understanding the life is relatively free, open your eyes, you see yourself, and look at the world in a different way.

Thanks for having these books, I saved my loss and my difficulties. They are the bread and stones that I fled the candy house, led me, guided me, let me know that in the face of this less satisfied world, we can do something, we can not go back, can make great strides forward. As I walked down this path, I began to understand more clearly who I was, to develop a deep understanding of myself, and to be able to look at more equally unprepared ethnic groups beneath the power structure.

"Gender awareness/gender power" as a ability, let you have, is the basis of respect and empathy, return to the fundamental, you will know that when we educate "boys do not cry", education "girls to be gentle", which has a gender issue - let boys get used to suppressing their own feelings, let girls unconditionally accept emotional labor, gender force gives you the opportunity to dismantle their own entanglement problems; You don't have to be part of the fabric of oppression. Gender strength, you grow up, can be a gender education for yourself. And we must start with reading, read the theory, understand the context, go to see the story, to sympathize with the common sense, to independently, for their own choice of a book.

The first thing you can't miss is Aaron. Johnson's "Gender Knot: Demolition of Patriarchy", classic entry, the patriarchal society compared to illegal buildings, under the building of different genders, are beared or light or heavy oppression, we for the oppression of tolerance and obedience, repeatedly support the building's standing. If we don't escape or resist, we are all invited to become accomplices of the structure. From the perspective of middle-class heterosexual white men, the author reflects on his own gender and class privileges, explains the system of operation of the patriarchy system in light language, and yes, the patriarchy system is a perfect system, full of various buffer ingress symactivities and blocking mechanisms, so to dismantle, it is necessary to equip themselves, and through many tests. If you've ever or still continue to misunderstand feminism, that feminism is equidistant or power-grabbing, this male-written gender sociology will tell you that the reason we're going to dismantle patriarchy is to benefit all genders, escape from it, and get vast freedom. (If a man wants to read it, he also recommends the seal of the hidden.)

Then want to recommend me repeated three or four times "Weary Girl: Japan's Female Hate",the Japanese writer Yukio Ueno's wonderful work, "Mino" is not only a phenomenon-level noun, more likely is our daily review of their own starting style, and we do not know. "The Weary Girl" is suitable for chewing reading with the headlines, you will find that those dense and dense headlines behind, may be a well-packed misogynist complex, try the example - women are sexually assaulted, she also has a responsibility, not married "loser dog" this year to fight hard, too high academic income women difficult to find marriage objects ... Ueno Chisago's sharp pen, the Return of the Japanese society cast a straight ball, the left comment "homophobia" why, the right theory " and "sacred girl" mentality, and directly pointed out that women may also have signs of weariness, read do not forget to recall, you do not hate themselves (including all negative temperament association of things, pink, skirt, etc.), while growing up.

Both of these books are well suited for reading sessions, melons, drinks, sharing daily gender problems, reading chapters, Everyday Gender. You will see that gender is very close to life, that gender is not in the halls of theory, but in every daily detail of choice stoushei and vocalism.

And then, you'll start sorting out and grow ingesting with your life experience.

If you care about the economy, you'll be happy with the book Who Made Dinner for Adam Smith. The first paragraph is a sharp reflection, we have to climb into the world of economics, and think about a question: Adam. Who's Adam Smith's mother? Yes, the world's vast economic system is built on household chores that women have not been counted on, and women have no right to escape, and no choice of self-interest. Who made dinner for Adam Smith is with you.

If you care about your passion, it is recommended to read Sex, Lies, And Birkin Bag:The New Science of Women's Hope, to take a closer look at how women are stepping on mines and feeling "sexy" about themselves, and how they can empower women. Look at the pure imagination of women being added, how to limit women's sexual autonomy, let women fear to talk about sex, and then see how women from the oppressed sexual history, out of the shell.

If you care about the female experience, the first and second episodes of"Dear Girl" will tickle you. Author Yang Yaqing fast-talking, "Dear Girl" is like a female experience open box, she talks about our lives of those careful eyes, small troubles and all kinds of difficulties, all kinds of unspeakable secrets. From the beginning of being honest with herself, she lets hardship become a sharing of experiences, spreading out ourselves, we do not have to give our own life choices to others.

In addition, there is talk of domestic sexual assault "apology",domestic sexual assault is a 《該隱的封印》role in the family nuclear explosion, survivors how to go to 《醜女與野獸:從女性主義出發,顛覆你所認識的童話與神話故事》 the future; (Same-on-the-spot release: Editor-in-chief's selection book, "Apology" domestic sexual assault, is a nuclear explosion in the family)

It's true that the clans are not ready to carry. I've always felt that reading is one of the most extravagant things we can do for ourselves.

Instead of recommending you a book, want to recommend you a whole set of books, choose your most feeling, the most touching you that, from this moment on, open your eyes, cultivate your ability to choose books for yourself.

Bless you through reading, grow your own firm strength - we grew up as a girl, and in the future, we will grow up to become what kind of girl, please decide by ourselves.