The Korean drama "The Couple's World" discusses a wife's struggle sitmed after years of discovery of her husband's affair, and the final decision to retaliate. In this, the inner drama between the three, want to hold things, do not want to give up the dignity, all surfaced. And marriage this play, we are fighting for a win or lose?

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The Korean drama "The Couple's World" has been a topic of discussion since it began on March 27. The plot is set as a person's eyes of the life victory group heroine Ichi Shanyu (gold love), but in a certain day accidentally found mr. the fact that mr. Even more poignant is that all her friends and colleagues know about her mother-in-law, but they join forces to hide this fact.

In addition to the tension of layers of revelation, the frequency of uncooled dramas, "The Couple's World" is perhaps the most interesting, perhaps its explicit description of human nature. Including his wife, Ichi Shanyu from the beginning of the heartbroken expression, hesitating whether to forgive, to the final decision on revenge; husband Li Taiwu (Park Haijun) bluntly can not love a person for a lifetime, but face the dilemma of collapse at the same time inside and outside; and the object of the affair Lu Dojing (Han Suxi) always believe that will wait for love mentality and difficulties.

A threesome relationship, without too much rhetoric or plot packaging, just bloody trying to tell you how human nature can be easily manipulated. And here, who is the real victim? Why do we expect someone to be punished? What kind of relationship anxiety does it raise? Looking back at the play's five lines, look at the struggle in marriage - at first we want love, but in the end can only use lies, fight for dignity.

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"Everything is perfect, everything around me is perfect. Everything is perfectly deceiving me. 」

The plot at the beginning, want to tell you the bright life behind, in fact, full of crisis. And most of these crises come from human nature. At the beginning of the first episode, it is the look of the pool that the good rain looks at the happy smile of the whole family. She has a handsome husband, a lovely son, and an important cadre in the hospital. However, there was a betrayal that was looming in a corner she did not know.

Her husband's affair can be discovered by her for two or three years, in part because the people around her are helping to lie, and the group are jealous of her life as a small revenge. And you may soon find out that her husband is having an affair because her life is so successful that he feels humble.

We live in a world of comparison and learn to hurt each other. So, who is the final winner of this game of life?

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"Marriage is not that simple, not bet on the end of the game, can leave the game; it is a bet on my life, and my son's life is a very urgent issue. 」

The second thing in the plot that wants to tell you is that marriage is not just a dream, nor is it just love; From the beginning, the husband because of dissatisfaction with their own at home do not feel the dignity, and began to look out for the feeling of worship, but can not give up the marriage, just because of all the value of being used.

Actress Ichi Shanyu found out that her husband cheated, and there wasn't much emotional collapse. She's more of a heartbreak than she imagines, and her breakdown comes from a holistic consideration of the whole family, her children, and her life. The divorce lawyer told her that "as long as she saw a picture of her husband being intimate with another woman, she would never go back" but she had more in mind, including how she would win the game.

Marriage is a bet, and it's not just love.

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"I'm disappointed that a woman as successful as a doctor is like someone like me. 」

Around the pool good rain around the friends is what to think of her?

When she first suspected her husband was having an affair and talked about it with a friend, the friend responded: "What are you afraid of?" Seize the evidence to chase out is over, successful woman is not easy to do? But when she says it's not going to be that simple, the other person says, "A woman as successful as a doctor is like someone like me." 」

We all seem to be imagining who ever wants to give us a template for a successful life and what a successful marriage looks like. However, maybe that doesn't exist. Because, every person in each position, has their own problems, and the price they pay for their lives.

You're anxious about your marriage, and when you see someone else getting divorced, you feel like you can't believe in love. However, you may have overlooked one thing, in the face of the relationship, no one has a real advantage;

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"Can you really use the moon to go to the original?" 」

In the subject of cheating, we often talk about the issue of forgiveness and unforgivableness.

Once, the pool good rain and also met the husband's wife to talk about this matter, the other side expressed firm will not divorce. And when The Pool Good Rain asked, "In the past years, can you really forgive for the rest of your life?" The wife thought, "It's just a woman's problem, and what forgives is not to forgive?" Sex is like a meal for a man. I don't want to go through divorce and put all that I've done in the past. (Recommended reading:"Who doesn't want to live a hundred lives" You want to know about marital psychology)

There may be a lot of consideration to the face of the aforementioned one-on-one relationship, which may be considered; For this lady, for example, the reluctance of marriage makes it impossible for her to put it down, and for the good rain, what is what she wants most, she has again groped and struggled.

And we will always understand that no matter which answer you choose, when you do your best for marriage, you are not weak.

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"Women are not not cheating to not cheat, but as a husband and wife, must abide by good faith, only to exercise restraint. 」

And the latest plot has taken a sharp turn, The Pool Good Rain launched a step-by-step revenge operation, including through the physical affair with the neighbors, want to master more resources. After that, she said, women are not not cheating, only to know that two people as husband and wife, must abide by good faith, only to exercise restraint.

Say this sentence, like want to separate the satirical affair of husband Li Taiwu once shouted, "the heart is not how to say how can be, the heart will not be blocked after marriage, love the good rain heart and love the heart of many scenes, is a different feeling." What drives me crazy is that I love both of them! (Recommended reading: Who destroyed love?) Psychology of Extraaffairs: Not a third person, we no longer trust)

Indeed, loyalty to a person in a lifetime is not so simple; So at this moment, how can you respond to the marriage vows you made at that time? A betrayal, there must be a person injured, but belong to your subject, also need you to go through one by one.

We can not love only one person in life, we because we desire to have a family and step into the marriage system, have to give up, are your choice.

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"The Couple's World" attracts the attention of the audience with a bit of dog-blooded drama, and then is ready to follow the revenge of The Pool Good Rain to get a big hit. However, back to real life, how to face an affair, have or step back 10,000 steps, how to know that they are ready to enter a marriage?

Outside the play, you will see how someone blindly believes, someone is just unwilling, someone is greedy for love, someone suffers. We will never have the best answer to the marriage problem, only by you to know more about yourself, to find the best life options for you.