Although a person is lonely, but better than social fear? Finnish graphic designer Karoliina Korhonen posted a daily Finnish cartoon on Facebook, which was later assembled into "Finnish Nightmare: Have You Had a Social Phobia Today?" "Finnish Social" illustration. Not greeting, not warm, not indifference, but they treat each other politely everyday. And maybe that's the social distance you'll yearn for.

At the current outbreak, the Central Outbreak Command Center issued social distance guidelines on 3/31, including an outdoor social distance of at least 1 meter, and indoors 1.5 meters. Commander Chen Shizhong quipped about how deep the love is and how far it is. To be "safe" and "polite" away from others is now necessary to prevent the outbreak, but are you secretly satisfied with this pattern of coexistence, and have long been longing for it?

Photo, Department of Health and Welfare Facebook.

Many more people on the MRT commute, will also be on the escalator with others one or two layers apart, in the queue to buy food, the most afraid of the back close to the stranger, inevitably into the crowded elevator, will pray that their floors quickly arrive ... If you have these feelings, it's not surprising.

First look at finland, a country that has been described as a paradise for "social phobiasufferers". Finnish graphic designer Karoliina Korhonen posted a daily Finnish cartoon on Facebook, which was later assembled into "Finnish Nightmare: Have You Had a Social Phobia Today?" "Finnish social" illustrations; in that place, people are not enthusiastic, don't like interaction, don't often chill, and even the queues are more than 1 meter away from each other; "The Finnish Nightmare" resonates because it's not just in Finland, but because of the distance that many people around the world are pursuing.

A little further away, I'll feel safe.

Now, take a look at a few of the most interesting moments that Karoliina Korhonen has drawn!

Want to try the food, but really don't want to chat with the clerk.

Whisper: In the end, unless you see really attractive try products or test items, otherwise will usually simply give up the quick bypass.

Before you get ready to go out, you hear your neighbor in the hallway.

Whisper: That's better to wait in the door, wait a moment and then go out.

When you get on the bus, when there's one person in each row of the double seat, it means "the seat is full."

Whispering: In fact, the bus on the double seat, a little, too close.

When a stranger comes up to you and smiles at you.

Whisper: Well? Do we know each other? Did I forget who he was? What do we do now?

Accidentally fell on the road, and was seen, and the person came over to care about you.

Whispered: already do not want to be seen, but also came to talk to me, whining.

Although everyone wants to eat the last piece of cake, but no one is embarrassed to go to get.

Whispering: If you really can't help want to take, you have to be careful to ask first, "Does anyone want to eat?" 」

Despite the bad weather, there are already people in the bus booth, so I'd rather stand outside and wait.

Whispersaid: just don't want to get too close to people ah! ! So carry a good umbrella with you, so that you are foolproof.

The wrong bus, but still hard scalp on the bus.

Whispering: rather than apologizing to the driver, looking at his impatient look, would rather get in the car and sit at a station and change the car.

In our daily life, we accidentally touch each other's boundaries of private life, sometimes warm and offensive lines, but also often separate interpretation. Korhonen's "Finnish Daydream" series is expressed in a humorous way, when you fantasize about being able to keep a polite distance from the people of the world, but it is often broken up easily.

And this is also the time when we clean up unnecessary social behavior and re-examine the distance between people; In any case, maintain respect, but also to maintain security, ihope everyone can safely and healthly through this outbreak.