Li Mingchuan has always been considered to be full of vitality. But what everyone doesn't see is, who can be energetic 24 hours a day, when the sun is always hot? How does he get along with depression and heal himself through makeup, styling, flowering, etc.?

Li Mingchuan, the screen image is always positive, laughing is also just to reveal eight teeth of the half-moon smile, who see all feel optimistic and cheerful.

In March 2020, he revealed on the show that he had been in a depression, and others said it was because he didn't know enough, and he laughed. He has always been regarded as a vibrant Mingchuan teacher, but the people did not see through is, who can 24 hours energetic, when the eternal hot sun? (Recommended reading: Depression is because you don't know enough?) Sometimes we wish we were better than anyone else.

"I was actually diagnosed with depression when I was about 24 or 25 years old. 」

As soon as he left society, Li Mingchuan was diagnosed with depression by doctors. Long before he entered middle school, he had been with depression for a long time, "because I was afraid to let others down, so growup to meet the expectations of others." Caring about other people's eyes, afraid to let the people around them disappointed, has become Li Mingchuan step by step to become a star makeup artist reason, but also let him be a layer of melancholy.

How does he get along with depression, and how does he heal himself through makeup, styling, flowering, etc.? For you to interview Li Mingchuan, talk about depression and middle-aged anxiety.

I think it's unethical to "let people down. "

"When I was a child, I grew white and clean, you will feel that your family is good, excellent grades, is a good student. Li Mingchuan's appearance pressure, in fact, from an early age began to build.

When all adults think he is good grades, is a good baby, the world's children how to argue for themselves, get rid of labels and shackles. He had no choice but to try his best to meet the hopeless expectations. "I think it's unethical to let people down because we all live in a group, so everyone has expectations for another person, something, and I seem to want to match that expectation, and that's right way." 」

Some people in front of the guidance, tell the rear comer a certain road is feasible road, and even help you pave the road, is there a reason not to cooperate? Li Mingchuan in the "adult" under the expectation and guidance, embarking on a road for others to live. For 25 years, he became a leader in the makeup fashion industry, but lost faith in himself.

"For nearly a year or two, I felt that my job could not satisfy me, that I would do all the projects, and that I didn't need to prepare. But do not have to prepare, I will be less a sense of down-to-earth. Li Mingchuan is the kind of worker who can work as a job, but also make work into interest. He suddenly felt empty when his existing field of work was no longer available for new knowledge and new gains. "The more people say I'm doing well, the more I think I'm doing a bad job. Because of my experience, I can't do it well. Every time I receive compliments from others, I only feel that my performance should be. Hard work is the right thing to do and you shouldn't come out and talk. 」

Li Mingchuan's mentality is typical of the "counterfeiter syndrome". Clinical psychologist Jesami. As Jessamy Hibberd once defined in the book "The Symptoms of the Counterfeiters":

You've long considered yourself a fake, so you've been looking for reasons for years to reinforce this idea, ignore all other conflicting messages, and have a strong bias against yourself. This unshakable belief is one of the biggest reasons you can't move forward. You have a long list of reasons to disparage your success, such as: I'm just lucky or mistakenly hit /Because they like me, just politely speaking.

Long-term negative self-attitude, but also let Li Mingchuan has been diagnosed with depression again to find the door.

I would imagine a station coming towards me and killing me.

"These years will be more nonsense, the biggest key is because of idleness. Li Mingchuan's life as a stylist in the past is the best illustration of "busy and out of time". 365 days a year, all year round, even Chinese New Year's Eve. However, as fame grew louder, the more trivial the work, the less likely it was to find Li Mingchuan. "Now even if I like make-up, the magazine's small units don't necessarily invite me to make-up. 」

The workload is reduced, the long-term denial of self, so that has been able to live together peacefully for a while, the depression again to their own repercussions. "Since my diagnosis, I've actually enjoyed getting sick. I was very sharp and afraid of all kinds of sounds, but when I listened to the sound of the car, I could feel it coming from that end, and I thought it was like a car would come and kill me, because I imagined the picture was beautiful. And when the sound gets farther and farther away, I suddenly realize: Oh, is it gone? 」

Extreme pessimism to romantic death, Xu is Li Mingchuan with the age of the understanding of understanding. He can admit that he is a hypochondriac, and he doesn't shy away from talking about death, and he's even thinking about Meimei's death. Talking about how he coexists with depression, he said: "Depression is like a cold, when your psychological quality is poor, immunity is poor when it will come, my mentality is, you can come in and sit it!" Look, you're going to sit on the couch? Or a dining chair? Or do you want to lie down? It's all right. He waved and made a welcome gesture.

Since they can't be solved, you may want to enjoy the pain for their own unique experience. Since revealing that he has depression, Li Mingchuan has often received questions from fans about what advice he can give to his depression friends, arguing that the first condition is to find out the source of the disease. "You need to know what your illness is, and you need to have a mental mind, and the time you share with your body may hit a wall or not be understood, but even so, you can share it and ask for help when you need it." (Recommended reading:"Every onset of disease, take twice the effort to face life" Confessions of a hypochondriac disease patient)

"Know that depression won't heal, try to get along with it, let it happen naturally, don't be afraid." Maybe what he didn't finish is, don't be afraid, I'm here.

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