Interview Li Mingchuan next article, talk about the anxiety and stress of middle-aged people, in fact, no less than young people.

(Interview: 20 years with depression, interview with Li Mingchuan: I thought it was unethical to "let others down"

Middle-aged people's anxiety about being themselves is no less than that of youth.

Li Mingchuan, 45, is going through middle age and has experienced so-called middle-aged anxiety.

In his new book, Xiaohua - Li Mingchuan's Healing And Foundry, he once said: "The midlife crisis is a life issue I never thought of, especially the seemingly smooth workplace life, I always thought it was just a kind of mental state of ambition. With the rise of the Internet and the change of entertainment ecology, Li Mingchuan's middle-aged anxiety does not seem to be a short-lived episode. (Recommended reading: The confession of middle-aged Obasan: We're alive, fashion don't give up on us)

When the styling work plummeted, he had more time and energy to pay attention to things other than styling, and he chose "flowering". Talking about the process of meeting the flower, he shared: "I was very sleepless, every half an hour to wake up, there is no place to go in the early morning, I happened to know that the flower market opened at four o'clock, so go to the flower market to shake, buy flowers." I didn't like flowers before, I think flowers are wasteful, and if the flowers die, I will feel self-blame, I will feel that I did not take care of it, is my problem. Instead of being bothered by this problem, I wouldn't blame myself if I didn't touch the flowers. 」

But after taking the first step and understanding the flowering, Li Mingchuan gradually felt healing from the process of learning to arrange flowers, and could see the flower blossoms from another angle. "Flowers are as alive as people, there will be bloomand and withering, these are natural phenomena, I do not need to feel self-blame or anger, but also more relaxed mind to accept everything." 」

Flowers allowed Li Mingchuan to go through the first half of the 40-year-old period of low tide, but there are still many middle-aged people face the situation of family workplace attack. In this regard, Li Mingchuan put forward to observe: "In addition to being sandwiched like a sandwich in the middle, middle-aged people are easily overlooked phenomenon is: in fact, more than no one can be their own." After the age of thirty, experienced the workplace frost, but also seen the social dangers, people more and more know how to pack themselves, cover themselves. It is extremely difficult to talk about being yourself again at this time.

"The construction of their own, there is no way to let middle-aged people to perform well inside, this is the community needs to pay attention to the issue." Especially in the internet developed generation, many people in the social media performance is very good, feel that as long as it is true, easy to make people feel double empty. Li Mingchuan summed up the experience of himself, his friends and fans. (Recommended reading: Therapist stalks about middle-aged, senseless marriage: After years of marriage, love is more effort-

On how to give middle-aged people a base to do their own thing, Li Mingchuan offers practical advice: "The biggest problem is income, income determines how much you can do what you want to do." Wealth-free middle-aged people, can calmly face the difficulties of the workplace, do not have to because of economic pressure to blame themselves, there is more surplus to think in addition to making money, to maintain a livelihood in the depth of the problem.

Li Mingchuan, who has been working in modeling for more than 20 years, was in crisis and anxiety in middle age, and depression was again disrupting his life. At this time, he, through the following three ways to get through the low tide, so that the real self can be released and healed, share his three heart methods with you, I believe you can also get along with emotions.

  • When the low tide strikes, understand the reasons for your own low, and prepare for the psychological preparation that others may not understand.
  • Depression is not terrible, especially when you are willing to face, face, and live in peace with it, there is nothing to fear.
  • As you enter middle age, wealth determines how much you can "be yourself".