At home is not boring! Google has virtual reality to turn home into a zoo and art gallery.

What did you do at home today?

Central Epidemic Command Center in April issued a social distance note, now outdoors, the interaction distance with people at least 1.5 meters, to avoid the serious spread of the epidemic, many artists such as Cai Jianya, Sun Yanzi also encourageeverys on the IG Stayat home. (Extended reading:"All day only talking to the breakfast aunt" epidemic prevention period, the lack of social anxiety how to solve? ) )

If you're worried about being bored at home, or if a child at home is clamoring to go out to play, as long as you have a cell phone, you can easily make your life more interesting!

Google AR Virtual Zoo

Since Google started last year, it's adding 3D analog viewer to the searcher to support more than 20 AR virtual animals, so you can have different animals in your room or living room, and kids will love it!

As soon as you enter an animal name on a Google Searcher, such as "dog" and press "View through 3D mode" and point the lens at the table or floor as instructed, a realistic dog will appear, and you can also resize and angle of view.

Figure says: The editor directly summoned the dog to work with himself! (There's a wolf sitting on the table withnothing.)

Currently, Google 3D analog viewers can summon animals including cats, brown bears, tigers, hedgehogs, cheetahs, octopuses, eagles, goats, crocodiles, deer, ducks, pandas, horses, lions, octopuses, etc., while not all mobile phone models have support for AR animal reality, you may want to take out your phone now!

Same-field plus:

If the animals are tired of playing, try Google's Planet series with Nasa, as well as other 3D models that different brands are experimenting with.

Google Arts and Culture

Take advantage of the home epidemic prevention period, may also wish to visit the online art exhibition. Google Arts also uses AI technology to bring world-renowned classics back to life. All you need to do is download Google Arts and Culture, and click on the camera button below to bring features such as Art Transfer to turn your photos into classic paintings; Art Selfie to see which art portrait you look like; and Art Projector to show you the actual size of your famous painting.

Similar to the Operation of google AR virtual animals, find a flat floor and choose the famous painting you want to see, it will be presented in front of you in its actual size.

Same-venue screening: Tokyo Art AI

Have you found out that many people have uploaded their own art portraits recently? In fact, this is the function of the Japanese website AI Gahaku, as long as you upload photos, you can see their own like a classic painting!

Wei Ruyi shared an artistic portrait of himself and his son Louis.

Two fun website features shared with you at home, or play to see the recently red "Animal Sen Friends Association", can add more fun to life! (Extended reading:"Because there's nothing, so do anything" Why can Animal Friends soothe us? ) )

Let's stay at home and do our part for the front-line medical staff :)