When you think silent partner, the original in the work is very will look for topics, you will suddenly realize: dear, the original you work is like this ah!

In addition to causing shortages of anti-epidemic supplies across countries, companies have come up with a "work from work" strategy to avoid the risk of cluster infection. Previously, women fans have introduced many home-based work heart methods, including"working from home, but also a sense of ritual" four to maintain a focus on the long-distance work method! Work from home, you re-establish self-discipline! Five books that form good habits recommend.

But in fact, working from home, but also intentionally unexpected, amusing story is happening. Imagine when you think your silent partner, who turns out to be a very talking person at work, lets you see his unique appearance again? Recently, a large number of foreign netizens on Twitter to share their work at home, finally observed the other half of the work.

Now know, dear, originally you are this kind of person at work ah! (The following post translation is translated by: Tony Tsou authorized to provide, screenshots of the images from the network.) )

Wife, you don't know a lot of things (squinting).

I also want to ask myself why I didn't confirm that I'd marry you again. (Big mistake)

Come and roar, everybody to make a video conference action roar.

It's important to make money, and we can change everything for the job.

Yes, we work as soulless human beings.

Mother, you finally know what your daughter is doing!

necessary time, to make the necessary ability.

If a husband would treat his family like this, he wouldn't have to sleep on the couch all day.

This lady, are you sure your husband doesn't have twins?

Cute ness is praise! It's a compliment!

Oh, i would have called the police if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

The so-called at home a worm, in the outside one dragon!

ps. Is delicious oh :))

I just want to see if your direct reports know they're being managed by hidden dinosaurs.

Working from home, through high-frequency interaction and getting along, actually helps us to understand, and see the partner around another face, have a deeper understanding of each other.