Watching The Couple's World, are you afraid of marriage? Although the plot arranges one revenge after another, so that you see very addicted, but in the end we found that this marriage "war", in fact, did not win or lose. It's like feelings are right and wrong, and loyalty is a choice.

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(See it as a result of the play below)

The Korean drama "The Couple's World" discusses the issue of cheating in marriage. How can a wife deal with an affair when she finds out that she thought she was in love with each other? Can our marriage be saved? And, do I have to choose inclusion? (Golden sentence review: When the world knows that your husband cheated on the classic line of "The Couple's World": "The past years, can you really forgive for the rest of your life?" "

The play perfectly interprets the wife's character, from the beginning of surprise, frustration to heartbreak, The Pool Good Rain has also considered forgiveness. However, when she discovered that her husband had hollowed out her family without mercy, and that she had been out of order, she decided to embark on a series of revenge schemes;

"The Couple's World" maintains high ratings and frequently leads to community discussion, mainly the plot set various character behaviors that approach the edge of human nature, and do whatever it takes for its own desires and interests. But what we can also discuss is, when we see these three people exhausted their lives in a confrontation, desperately to protect love or marriage, and eventually we will find the answer we want?

Is there a real right or wrong, loser? If the show also makes you question the value of marriage, let's discuss cheating through the character drama.

Photo : The Couple's World

"Is falling in love a sin" Li Taiwu's "scum" behavior, make you afraid of marriage?

Li Taiwu is shaped into a super scum man in the play. He began by stating that he "loved both women at the same time", noting that "the heart is not just a ,......, love many scenes and love the good rain feelings, is completely different." One is to give him a stable family and a pillar of money, and the other is to let him reproduce the creative inspiration and regain the love of the woman, both of which are equally important to him. He even shouted, "Is it a sin to fall in love?" after his wife found out. The first thing to say is to make you angry in front of the screen.

And the plot set seems to understand the universal anxiety, it is arranged in the derailment incident exposed, emphasizing that Li Taiwu is an insatiable, and both sides can not afford to pay the responsibility of useless men. The character is shaped so thoroughly that you can hardly find a reason to "forgive." We can also see the supporting actor saying in Hershey: "There are two kinds of men in this world." The man who was having an affair, and the man who was found. Hiddenly ticking the audience's pain points, you can't help but shout, "Is the marriage trustworthy?" or "How on earth can you guarantee loyalty?" 」

We understand that the basis for maintaining a relationship is trust, but after entering a marriage, you have to face the chairice oil salts and accept changes in the role of life; Therefore, it may require you to double your efforts and double your self-discipline. Li Taiwu in the play is a standard weak and selfish, perhaps he is right, love itself is not sinful, but he forgets that he also needs to assume more role responsibility.

After reading his scum male quote, in addition to just the other half feel anxious, we might as well first pull out the marriage pink glasses, a good re-examination of the actual needs of marriage consciousness and consensus.

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Small three and Zhenggong's counter-attack: for him to be pregnant for months, believe in love, but only in exchange for love?

As you can imagine, we can also see the confrontation between "Zhenggong" and "Little Three" over and over again, but as the event becomes more transparent, the trio's play can also make you pay attention to a phenomenon - they all hope that the hero can give himself a clear answer.

Ichi Shanyu and Li Taiwu several arguments process, she accused each other of an affair, and then there is domestic violence for; And Lu dojing is a third person role, want to complain that I for this man, pregnant can only hide from the family, I only ask you to divorce, give up your son, why so difficult?

When we give all about a relationship and feel disappointed again and again, we can't help but complain and break our hearts. At the same time, however, we also give the decision of our own life to the other side, let go.

After the marriage found out cheating, you would like to ask to gently forgive, or choose divorce, if you are the object of the affair, you may also want to ask, I should insist on waiting, or break up resolutely? There is certainly no standard answer to this question. The play can only let you see, like the pool of good rain from the beginning of hesitation, to later decided to leave her husband, Ludojing from hope to despair, also wanted to raise their children alone to grow up. What they are doing is slowly taking back the lead in their lives.

Photo : The Couple's World

Divorce or cheating is a war without winners and losers.

At present, the plot developed, Ichi Shanyu successfully divorced, and obtained child custody, after a fierce "war" calmed down, she asked herself this passage:

"What is a husband and wife?" What's the time we spend together? So brutally force each other, and what? Too many questions in my mind, and now I, decided not to ask again. 」

Because marriage involves the law, and may contain property, children and other aspects of the face, so divorce is often not as simple as imagination. We followed in the footsteps of the pool good rain, through a variety of "punishment" husband process, such as playing the game level, look very heart," very addictive; So, it's like the play, "Divorce is a war without winners and losers." 」

In the end, she decided not to look for "answers", she said, perhaps because she found the answer too complex to bear, or because she knew that the answer was not on anyone. When we have lost a lot, wait until the mood is past, calm, will find that to end a relationship, we will eventually face not whose fault, but our own.

Looking back, in the face of marriage infidelity, perhaps seeking a right and wrong is not too meaningful, because the nature of the relationship is complex, perhaps three people are invisible to participate in and promote this betrayal. And "The Couple's World" lets you see the action of human nature, there is no eternal winner or loser;