How much change can a man make with the active participation of a man in a relationship, marriage, and family life? Take you to see the influence of male participation in every little action from Shojs.

He said, love a person is to love her all, even the past love.

He doesn't think the age gap is something to be afraid of, he thinks it's simple, love should be so simple - I love someone, I want to live with her, I want to have her involved at every moment of my future life.

He is Shu Jiekai, in 2018 with the same actor Jia Jingxuan into marriage, they are nine years apart, the media in the side of the noise, said the difference between nine years old brother and sister love how to maintain, said and a divorced woman married very courageous, he only responded: "She actually want to pay more than me, I have nothing to fear, is really love her, and then like her, and live with her." 」

How much change can a man make with the active participation of a man in a relationship, marriage, and family life? Take you to see the influence of male participation in every little action from Shojs.

Involved in family affairs: there's nothing big in our family, little things come to me, so she doesn't have to worry

The two had appeared together in 2018 on the show "The Heart Canteen" to talk about family management and husband and wife. The outside world only learned that Xiu Jiekai at home is mainly responsible for kitchen-related household chores, all buy vegetables, pick vegetables, cooking, etc. , he is a hand-in-hand. "I like to go to the market and feel like I'm cooking healthily, at least you know where the ingredients come from. Pay attention to the health of the family, willing to participate in the division of household work, male participation, so that the family function more complete operation.

Back to the show scene, the two people now share the division of household chores, host Huang Zisheng quipped: "Anyway, the little things are Shu Jiekai (responsible)!" And Shujie went on to respond, "There's nothing big in our lives, it's all little things, so she doesn't care." Although it was a joke talk, he could still see his high participation and willingness in the words of Mr. Shujie.

According to a 20-year study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences on Taiwan ese families, "the husband's time at home is similar, regardless of whether the wife has a job or not, and there are still gender differences in the division of household work." In most households, the proportion of men involved in housework has not changed significantly as a result of women's work.

And in the family that Xiu Jiekai and Jia Jingxuan built together, we see that as long as in the family, we all need to bear the responsibility of housework, regardless of gender. The practice of two people, perhaps it is worth us to think about how to allocate housework, mutual understanding, mutual support.

Participation in parenting: Children are not the responsibility of a mother

On the concept of parenting, in an interview with Parenthood, Mr. Shu said in an interview with Parenthood that he knew all about the child-rearing trivia, and said, "I'm her father, wouldn't it be strange if I didn't?" He thinks it's only natural that dads are involved in the division of parenting.

In 2018, the couple took their daughter and Bo girl to participate in the reality show "Mom my mother is Superman 3", the program can be seen that the two people actually have a very different concept of education, a careful, a flying education, although different personality, but also can always complement each other. In the program, Xiu Jiekai on Mother's Day offered to let Jia Jingxuan take a day off, he is responsible for taking care of two daughters, at first Jia Jingxuan is not willing, said he would like to have children. But She insisted and encouraged her to "do whatever you want today." Jia Jingxuan also in his encouragement and friends came to a long time did not experience the pleasant afternoon tea.

So in them, we understand that raising children is never the responsibility of the mother, the child is born together, there is no reason to raise alone. You are tired of my help, I tired of your help, the division of housework is so, the child rearing is also.

Male participation, opportunity to play the family's diverse functions

In March 2020, women's fans released the "Women's Impact Survey 2020 Survey Book" questionnaire, which collected nearly a thousand readers' views on women's situation at the personal, professional, and family levels, and when asked about "what kind of family look to look like", 92.7% of readers said that "expecting to share parental responsibilities with their other half" was the most important parenting priority. (Recommended reading:What do women think of themselves in 2020?) Women's Force Survey: Nearly 40% of Women in the Workplace Do Not Have a Sense of Achievement)

Therefore, it may be possible to think further, if sharing parental responsibilities with the other half is the most important focus of contemporary women's education, does this mean that the status quo is not the case, leading to 90% of the women interviewed wishing to share responsibility with their partners?

In the same survey report also mentioned that the contemporary women's satisfaction with the family is 6.06 points, women with children think they are poor, do not have their own time, and are used to self-blame, children of women think they have a relationship with the native family, do not know how to communicate effectively. And in 2017, Anne Hathaway also called attention to the importance of parental leave in a speech at the United Nations. (Read the full article: Men should have maternity leave!) Anne Hathaway's moving unspoke speech: "Liberating women's bondage, but also men's bondage"

She mentioned:

We need to redefine male roles and give them a way to take on their own roles. In order to liberate female bondage, we also want to liberate male bondage. Women should shoulder domestic responsibilities, a very rigid gender stereotype that not only deepens discrimination against women, but also limits male participation and male interaction slits and links with family members.

As far as I'm concerned, paid maternity leave is not just a middle-of-the-range exit, it gives us the freedom to redefine our gender roles, we can re-choose how to invest time and create a new, positive cycle of behavior.

We believe that family models will be replicated from generation to generation, and that when our generation begins to build the idea of male participation, with all family members bearing the same weight of housework, there may be an opportunity to reduce the traditional expectations that women are given and to ease the tensions in native families.

We look forward to the future without special emphasis on the importance of "father parenting", but rather to the involvement of both parents/fathers/mothers, to complete the family and become who they are.